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Posted Date: Nov 13 2019

Role Title 职位名称: Selling Excellence Manager

Report to上司职位: Selling Excellence Team Lead

Location 驻地: 广州

Role Purpose 职位目标:

To provide proficient learning program to the BU field force and support the BU field force achieve business goal. To prioritize the learning needs and design solution, deliver standard or tailor made learning course as needed, proactively follow up coaching after the learning course and measure the learning outcome as a performance consultant.

为BU销售团队提供专业的能力提升, 并且支持BU销售团队实现业务目标. 优先考量学习需求和设计解决方案, 根据需求提供标准或者定制的能力提升项目, 在项目结束后主动跟进指导并作为绩效咨询顾问衡量结果。

Key Accountabilities/Responsibilities 主要工作职责:

Identify learning needs from cooperating with the BU field force and constantly communicating with the stakeholder.


Prioritize the learning needs and design solutions to BU field force, act as performance consultant to provide professional support to relevant field force.

优先考虑学习需求并且设计解决方案, 作为绩效咨询顾问为相关销售团队提供专业的支持。

Conduct and refine learning program to MR, sales leaders, Be capable to deliver Standard and advanced curriculum.

为MR和FLM实施和完善学习计划, 能够提供标准或者进阶课程。

Work with therapy area stakeholder to design, develop, and deliver product knowledge courses.

与治疗领域的相关者一起设计, 开发和提供产品知识学习课程。

Lead and facilitate on-demand project.


Revise and update the learning curriculum as owner.


Lead and facilitate field force capability certification and assessment project.


Take proactive action to drive high performance through coaching.

采取积极的行动, 通过辅导来提高绩效。

Promptly analyze the learning outcome and fine tune the learning solution.


Take active action to learn DPK and learning curriculum, meet the professional requirements of the company and the department.

积极学习产品知识和学习课程, 满足公司和部门的专业需求。

Execute the required assignment form the Selling Excellence department and line manager.


Qualifications/Requirements: (Education / Experience / Competencies)

申请资格 / 职位要求: (教育背景 / 工作经验 / 知识与技能)

Bachelor degree above


Experiences of at least 3-year sales management in Pharmaceutical or Biological industry.


General knowledge for Medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health, Sales and Sales Management, Customer Service & Management, Training & Training Management and so on.


Good at coaching and communication, self motivated, energetic and proactive.

善于指导和沟通, 有上进心, 精力充沛, 实践能力强。

Key Job Dimensions (financial scope, headcount etc):


- Support regional or national field force team in a BU to accomplish the business objective.


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