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Posted Date: Dec 5 2019
Position Title:
Medical Scientific Liaison
Therapeutic Area:
Department Name:
Reports To:
Medical Advisor

Primary Objective of Position:

  • Deliver 'in-the-field' scientific engagement (SE) with healthcare professionals (HCPs) to provide scientific and medical information compliantly and obtain the medical insights in line with GSK standard operating procedures and codes of practice, as well as related guidance/guidelines and laws.
  • Gain valuable insight and feedback from the healthcare community on GSK products and services, medical and scientific information which can help guide research, development and service provision to benefit GSK's customers and patients via 1:1 and 1:Many scientific events.
  • Work closely with Medical Advisor or designee to translate insights into actions and produce the medical plan which is aligned with brand strategy, and execute the medical plan accordingly.
  • Partner and align with Commercial team and other internal stakeholders to implement brand strategy in a compliant manner, as well as cooperate with the other functions for the assigned tasks or projects.
  • Plan and deliver the required medical metrics and high quality content. Provide the disease and product knowledge training to internal stakeholders such as Commercial teams. Provide presentations to HCPs in different setting of seminars, symposia, webinars or meetings.
  • Being the contact window of external organizations in terms of medical/scientific events to facilitate the internal process and provide support.

Key Accountabilities / Responsibilities:
  • Be the scientific expert for a particular medicine or group of medicines in a therapy area in the assigned geography.
  • Maintain a detailed understanding of the therapeutic areas and a deep appreciation of the science and evidence for GSK medicines and other non-GSK treatment options in the therapeutic areas.
  • Act as the interface between the professional healthcare community and the internal GSK medical team and its affiliates providing value-added insights and feedback from the community designed to improve medical, commercial and drug development planning and services provision.
  • Be prepared to respond to any enquiries from local health authorities/Healthcare organizations/HCPs with regards to GSK products safety/efficacy/effectiveness.
  • Fully understand and always meet the requirements in the GSK global SOP, STD, POL, GUI, etc. and comply local codes of practice, guidelines and laws to ensure the strictest requirements are met particularly with respect to delivery of promotional verses non-promotional information.
  • Respond compliantly to unsolicited information requests from healthcare professionals and associated individuals regarding licensed or un-licensed GSK medicines and indications; ensure all medical information responses are factual, fair and balanced, scientifically rigorous and strictly comply with local regulations.
  • Disseminate important safety information to the HCPs as directed by the Medical Affairs or Research and Development teams or the Dear Healthcare Provider Letter (DHPL) process. Fully comply with pharmacovigilance requirement.
  • Closely work with other medics to identify external experts within the responsible therapeutic areas and geography.
  • Understand clinical study procedures and provide info or facilitate the investigator how to apply for GSK investigator sponsored study (ISS). First contact, enquiry management and facilitate the project GnD application from external healthcare communities like societies/associations/foundations/organizations, etc.
  • Provide scientific education training for business partners and other internal stakeholders such as Medical Representatives.

Specific Activities
Non-promotional Activities
  • Gathering external clinical insight and enabling this insight to be incorporated in GSK work
  • MSLs assist the medical team in the identification of external experts within their therapeutic area and geography. External experts are identified based on criteria such as their level of experience and the quality of their research and publications in the relevant therapy area.
  • MSLs seek advice, insights and information from external experts, other healthcare professionals and scientists through pre-planned informal discussions with individuals or groups and advisory boards. They seek information related to disease process and management, clinical research and medicine development, market access and product commercialization through scientific discussion in which there is no promotional intent or purpose.
  • MSLs bring the valuable clinical insight that they gather to the Medical, Research and Development and Commercial teams. They utilize the learning from their insights to assist the development of the medical and brand plans as well as to identify and communicate any potential for evidence generation.
  • MSLs provide scientific education training for business partners such as the Medical Representatives.

  • Responding to specific, unsolicited information requests
  • MSLs provide medical information to healthcare professionals and staff who work within healthcare (for example, payers, reimbursement bodies, members of formulary committees or pricing bodies - these will vary according to the local healthcare environment), in response to unsolicited requests regarding licensed or un-licensed GSK medicines and indications. All medical information responses must be factual, fair and balanced and scientifically rigorous. They must be narrowly tailored to the request, delivered to the requestor and comply with local regulations.
  • Responses to unsolicited requests must be consistent with WISDOM, or equivalent system, and may be delivered virtually or face-to-face, either individually or at group presentations (where a group presentation has been requested), or as a verbal or written response.

  • Communicating important safety information
  • MSLs play a pivotal role in disseminating important safety information to the healthcare professional community. MSLs communicate this information when supplementary material is required to be externally communicated by the Medical Affairs or Research and Development team, in addition to the Dear Healthcare Provider Letter (DHPL) process. This communication, which may include off-label information, is preferably conducted via non-promotional group presentations to broadly disseminate the relevant safety information. However, it may be conducted one-to-one if pre-identified healthcare professionals are in a likely position to broadly and appropriately disseminate this information.

  • Supporting scientific research and clinical studies
  • MSLs support clinical development activities and programs through the identification and assessment of potential clinical study investigators and sites for GSK clinical trials. They collaborate with GSK study teams, particularly with the clinical research assistant, and support them in the provision of scientific education to investigators and site staff. If the MSL is a qualified physician he or she may act as a medical monitor for a study.
  • MSLs field enquires regarding Investigator-Sponsored Studies (ISS) and accept clinical trial proposals that are aligned with GSK's areas of interest for internal review. Shared information is limited to the level of a therapy area and does not include study level protocol outlines.

  • Planning, conducting and participating in scientific meetings
  • MSLs attend scientific meetings and congresses in order to maintain an oversight of their therapy area. This includes gathering insight on other data presented within the disease area. They are also required to respond to unsolicited questions from healthcare professionals on GSK medicines, as previously outlined.

Proactive Promotional Product Presentations
  • MSLs may proactively conduct presentations in a promotional capacity on our products and disease areas, on licensed indications, to groups of healthcare professionals. These events are distinct and separate from the above non-promotional activity. In these meetings, MSLs provide scientific content that is consistent with the product label and for which there is an identifiable medical and patient benefit. These promotional presentations are conducted in accordance with the GSK Code of Practice for Promotion and Customer Interactions.
  • MSLs may present at GSK satellite symposia or stand-alone meetings for specific circumstances such as the launch of a medicine or when significant new information becomes available or to enter in to a scientific debate related to GSK medicines in the case of scientific misrepresentation.

Key Behavioural Competencies Required:
  • Solid grounding in clinical, medical and pharmaceutical science with the ability to rapidly assimilate specific and detailed knowledge in these areas
  • Experience evaluating and effectively communicating evidence-based medicine
  • Strong scientific communication and presentation skills.
  • Strong academic background having participated in, or led research projects and authored publications; demonstrated strong communications skills such as presenting at national or international congresses or strong history of previous working with external experts.
Experience / Knowledge / Technical Skills Required:
  • Education: Higher degree in life sciences: MSc or equivalent, PhD, PharmD, MD or equivalent and/or other professional healthcare provision qualification with experience (e.g. nurse practitioner, physician, or pharmacist).
  • Significant (>2 years) amount of pharmaceutical industry experience in a role successfully engaging in scientific exchange with external experts are preferred.
  • Solid grounding in clinical, medical and pharmaceutical science with the ability to rapidly assimilate specific and detailed knowledge in these areas.
  • Experience in evaluating and effectively communicating evidence-based medicine.

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