Maintenance manager

Site Name: South Africa - Western Cape - Cape Town
Posted Date: Oct 14 2019
Job Purpose
Manage the repair & maintenance of all assets on site that come into direct contact with product. Also manage all KPIs to ensure all key result areas are achieved.
Key Responsibilities (10 bullet points maximum)

1. Manage all the unplanned Equipment and facilities breakdown on side.

  • Allocate jobs daily based on priorities and skills of individuals to ensure equipment is available at all times for production
  • For all un-planned downtime, ensure a detailed root cause investigation is conducted and job cards are update as necessary
  • Ensure analysis of un-planned downtime is carried out so that maintenance can be more focused to target specific areas
  • Ensure input is received from production, fitters etc. on breakdowns, non-performing equipment and actions are put in place immediately
  • On a monthly basis, prepare and share all Maintenance KPIs with key site personnel
  • Use the Maintenance KPIs (availability, maintenance costs and % breakdown work) to reduce unplanned downtime on site
  • Lead the Maintenance Improvement Team (Cross site group with planner, value streams and validation input) to reduce un-planned downtime on site
  • Ensure all unplanned work is captured using the CMMS
  • Ensure Preferred supplier contracts are in place for all key engineering suppliers

2. Manage Planned preventative Maintenance program on site
  • Use the Maintenance KPIs (% planned work, maintenance schedule adherence, availability, maintenance costs and % breakdown work) to ensure all planned maintenance is carried out and unplanned breakdowns are reduced
  • Ensure Planned maintenance resources are allocated and job cards are completed correctly and returned to Planner for recording on CMMS
  • Identify and review on a routine basis the critical equipment list
  • All critical equipment must have a failure mode analysis completed and the job cards updated
  • Ensure correct engineering standards are applied across the site as part of the preventative maintenance program
  • Plan schedule maintenance work detail, overtime, shifts and shutdowns
  • Execution of Planned/scheduled work needs to be liaised with production around plant availability for any intrusive maintenance. Artisan to be managed to keep to times set out by maintenance planning
  • Attend Value Stream Meetings to provide Engineering input
  • Submit recommendations and requisitions to Factory Engineer for approval
  • Liaises with Engineering manager and Manufacturing Pharmacists re: equipment replacement
  • Ensures that all equipment complies with legal requirements e.g. pressure tests on manufacturing vessels, lifting equipment
  • Ensures appropriate equipment maintenance life plans are in place. These must be based on equipment performance requirements and history of failures

3. Manage the Engineering Stores
  • Provide input to the workshop stores so that key spares are maintained for all equipment on site
  • Ensure adequate measure are followed for the filing & release of all spares on site. Ensure correct financial processes are followed
  • Authorize requisitions of all parts and materials from the Engineering Store

4. Manage all staff within the department
  • Allocate jobs daily based on priorities and skills of individuals
  • Ensure training of all staff in engineering is carried out (including Quality and EHS requirements)
  • Assist subordinates with technical problems
  • Carry out disciplinary hearings and take actions as required. Counsel staff as required
  • Ensure PDPs are in place where appropriate and conduct performance appraisals of direct reports
  • Lead weekly workshop meetings
  • Authorize leave and overtime payments
  • Keep control of the attendance records in engineering department
  • Assist staff with sourcing suppliers, parts and materials negotiating and purchasing at best delivery, price etc
  • Ensure staff are motivated to meet Engineering objectives
  • Participate in the monthly calibration steering committee meeting
  • Work with QA/EHS to ensure all responsible related SOPs are updated on a regular basis
  • Ensure departmental compliance with EHS standards including completion of work permits, completion of Risk assessments, completion of chemical awareness, EHS score board is up to date, adverse event forms are completed and near misses are reported. Also, ensure staff wear PPE
  • Ensures departmental compliance with QMS
  • Provides input for budget process i.e. manpower, materials, R&M

5.Provide Engineering Support for all new equipment on site ( Installation & Commissioning)
  • Provide input to Projects Co-coordinator about new equipment requirements
  • Oversee installation and commissioning by providing internal resource to project teams

Scope of Accountability
Number of Direct Reports:
Number of Indirect Reports:
Various contractors

Annual Budget managed by this role: ( Provide Revenue/ Assets Managed or Operating budget )
Annual Direct Revenue Accountability, if applicable (add currency)
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Assets Managed, if applicable (add currency)
Asset maintenance of all product processing assets
Operating Budget Accountability,
if applicable (add currency)
Accountable for around 40% for the total site R&M Budget of R26m and relevant portion of engineering budget of R20m

A. Educational Background
1. Minimum Level of Education
B.Sc./B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering
Understanding of engineering of processing equipment and ability to use knowledge to make new deductions in problem solving and prevention

B. Job-Related Experience
Minimum Level of Job-Related Experience required
Minimum 5 years' experience in the maintenance department of an FMCG/ Pharmaceutical manufacturing site
Why is this Level of Experience Required?
This person will lead the maintenance teams which comprise of other Engineers

C. Other Job-Related Skills/Background
High level of initiative and self-motivation
Drive and determination to complete a task
Good Communication & Organisational skills
High degree of integrity
Ability to drive targets
Ability to work under pressure to deadlines
Ability to work over time
Ability to problem solve
Keen attention to detail

Contact information:
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