Health and Wellbeing Physician ,Japan

    • Tokyo, Japan

Site Name: Japan - Tokyo - Akasaka
Posted Date: Mar 1 2020
Your Responsibilities:
Service Delivery
•Ensure adequate coordination with key site partners (e.g. Line Management, EHS, HR) and support to the sites/businesses.
•Develop Service Level agreements with all businesses and monitor the quality and impact of the shared EHW service.
•Work with above site functions e.g. Regional Head EHW, EHS Shared Service, HR, Supply Chain, Vaccines and R&D to ensure program delivery is appropriately coordinated with Corporate and global business strategies.
Workplace Health Risk Management:
•Adapt and implement global/regional programs to manage key employee health & wellbeing risks e.g. exposure to chemical agents, ergonomics, biological hazards, travel health etc.
•Support risk assessment processes
•Deliver employee education and training on Employee Health and Wellbeing Risks
•Adapt and implement appropriate health surveillance processes
•Occupational illness and injury investigation
Employee Health and Wellbeing:
•Identify and assess key health drivers of decreased productivity and implement programes to address these.
•Support the implementation and continuous improvement of Health and Wellbeing programmes, and other strategic programmes
•Support managers with attendance management.
Business Continuity:
•Develop appropriate health related elements to site emergency response plans
•Support implementation of pandemic plans to combat relevant public health issues
•Based on GSK Standards develop consistent policies for EHW and ensure that these policies and procedures are implemented
•Support sites and businesses with compliance of GSK policies and standards.
•Develop and use self audit tools to effectively assess and audit programs.
•EHW/EHS management system development and review
•Measure performances through KPI's and dashboards•
Why You?

Basic qualifications:
•Medical professional with a degree in Occupational health, public health, preventive medicine, population-based medicine
•Business level English and Japanese
•Business application of EHW content: 5+ years' experience in integrating EHW into business operations and managing key issues in collaboration with EHS partners, HR generalists and specialists (e.g. benefits), business continuity and others to foster healthy, resilient, high performing workforces. (Level 3 - Strength, Business Application of EHW knowledge minimum)
•Experience in occupational health in an international or multinational environment. Preferably in pharmaceutical, chemical, or other related industries.
•Ability to develop holistic risk assessments, effective management systems, and governance processes at site, country, and regional levels using population level data sets. (Level 3 - Strength, Risk Management minimum)
•Demonstrated ability to work effectively in multicultural, multinational, and matrix teams to consult and embed EHW behaviour changes. Proven track record as a flexible, agile and innovative thinker in new situations (Level 3- Strength, behaviour change management/consultation minimum).
•History of effectively identifying and focusing on the key business priorities, co-creating solutions, and monitoring performance to ensure delivery (Level 3- Strength, Performance Improvement and Management).
•Demonstrated ability to grow and sustain personal, team and organizational energy (level 3-Strength, Energy & Resilience Management)
•Strong insight driven decision making, using internal and external data to generate options, design solutions, and monitor performance (level 3-strength, insight driven decision making)
•Knowledge of ISO 9001/OHSAS 18001, EHS management systems
•Demonstrated competence and regulatory knowledge in core occupational health disciplines -
-occupational and preventive health
-occupational hygiene practice (e.g. risk assessment for chemicals, noise, biohazards)
-mental health, employee assistance programmes, resilience and energy management
-health care benefit design and quality assurance
-health promotion
-attendance management
-Injury and illness care.
•Broad and strategic knowledge of global pharmaceutical, vaccine, manufacturing, commercial and consumer healthcare operations.
•3-5 years' experience as an effective effectively mentor, coach and developer of EHW practitioners and line managers. (Level 3 Coaching and Influence minimum)
Preferred qualifications:
Masters or Doctorate in Occupational/Public Health or equivalent

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