Jr. Software Engineer

    • Mitchellville, MD

Our Mission:

Graham Technologies (GTech) is looking for a Jr. Software Engineer in Upper Marlboro to join our fast-growing team of over 80+ members!

Your role:

Our customers are inundated with fast moving information from medical epidemics, military intelligence, enterprise architecture vulnerabilities and more. We're looking to help alert and visualize the most relevant data of interest within customizable dashboards, which allows user to make better decisions at a faster pace. Graham Technologies (GRAHAM) in the process of building a next-generation dashboard platform to accommodate these data-driven decision making needs. Our platform delivers real-time insight through automation and exploration, by monitoring, alerting, and forecasting events that could pose a risk to an organization's people, places, and interests.

Our engineers typically have experience in human-centered design, progressive web application development and testing tools & techniques. They will be expected to work in a collaborative Agile environment, able to communicate and interact well with their teammates and customers. They work to ensure that shipping new changes is fast, reliable, and repeatable, utilizing the latest in build, test automation, and continuous integration tools to orchestrate deployment pipeline processes. In addition, they'll have the opportunity to work with the latest AWS cloud infrastructure tools to automate, containerize, and auto-scale solutions. This is a great opportunity to work with a high-performing team in a fun environment.

At GRAHAM, we're passionate about building great software that meets needs, while developing our people and providing growth opportunities. Software doesn't build itself; teams of people do. That's why our primary focus is on developing better engineers, better teammates, and better leaders. By putting people first, we give our company and teammates more opportunities to grow and raise the bar of the software we develop.

You'll be happy to know: This position has the flexibility to support some telecommuting.

We're excited about candidates who:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Computer
  • 2+ years of relevant experrience
  • Able to obtain a security clearance
  • Engineering, Data Science, or equivalent experience
  • Experience working with an Agile delivery lifecycle
  • Experience with analysis of algorithms, software, and software architectures
  • Experience with UI/UX development
  • Experience with object-oriented software development
  • Experience with version control systems, preferably Git
  • Comfortable working in a Linux and virtual environments
  • Familiarity in the AWS ecosystem of services
  • Works well in a team environment
  • Strong communication skills

We're also excited about candidates who might have experience with the following:
  • Experience with development and verification tools (Java, Ionic, Angular, Spring MVC, REST, Webpack and NPM, JUnit, Karma, Jasmine, Mocha, Chai)
  • Experience with scripting languages (Python, JavaScript, Bash, etc.)
  • Experience working within a UNIX/Linux environment
  • Familiarity with hosting web application components in the cloud (AWS, S3, Firebase)
  • Familiarity with COTS visualization and monitoring tools like Tableau, Splunk, ELK Stack, ArcGIS, Google Maps, Hyperion Platform, JIRA, ServiceNOW
  • Experience with E2E testing frameworks like Protractor, Selenium, PhantomJS, CasperJS
  • Code quality tools like Sonar, Cast, or Coverity
  • Experience with Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) and supporting automated testing (Jenkins)
  • Experience with Kubernetes and/or Docker container environment

At GTech, we believe in treating every person the way we want to be treated - fairly . Our compensation package ensures everyone at GTech is given equal pay for equal work - regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age, nationality, or even negotiation skills!

Most IT companies can probably offer many of the same services, but what sets us apart from the others, is truly our people ! We care about our employees and show it often with sincere appreciation and acknowledgement of not only final work products, but the little steps taken along the way! In addition, our generous benefits package helps support our team members to live well and prosper. Here are just a few highlights:

Four Week's Accrued PTO First Year
Ten Paid Federal Holidays
Health, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurances
401(k) Plan with Annual Employer Contributions
Flexible Schedules
Reimbursements for Continued Education and Training

Why Graham Technologies?

Our Core Values say it all!
  • Value our Customers
  • Care about our Employees
  • Passionate about Innovation
  • Believe in Strong Work Ethic
  • Rely on Teamwork
  • Integrity Matters

Founded in 2007, GTech is a consulting-services firm that is zealous about providing the best solutions to address our client needs and maximize the value of their investments. One of the ways we do this, is by providing exceptional employees for our clients - whose range of expertise expands the entire IT industry! We've cultivated a family of individuals where integrity, commitment, and reliability, are etched into the heart of our delivery teams.

In addition, we are equally zealous about caring for our employees - the lifeblood of our business ! We've purposefully created a culture that is friendly, family-oriented, and all-inclusive. Our team members are encouraged to "have a life", both in and out of the office, through flexible schedules (where available), continuing education, and support to pursue their passions!

Graham Technologies specializes in delivering innovative software solutions to government and commercial clients across the U.S. through its assisted on-site software development system integrations.

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