Vaccines Public Health Manager

Your Responsibilities:
Job Title : Vaccines Public Health Manager
Grade : 6
Region : South Africa
Location of the Role : Johannesburg South Africa
Closing Date : 2nd January 2018

Job Purpose

Drive evolution of government immunization programs through external engagement with Public Health Authorities and various implementation partners (UNICEF, WHO...) in a wide range of countries across Africa.
Address enquiries of local distributors in private market

Key Responsibilities

1. Set the direction and manage the activities West & Central Africa or Southern Africa to ensure the achievement of GSK Export ambition.
2. Understand and shape government immunization priorities
3. Understand and impact decisions making process through complex interactions between stakeholders, define detailed stakeholders mapping and lead robust external engagement plan
4. Defend GAVI business and support new implementations of GAVI approved vaccines by securing preference for GSK Vaccines portfolio and timely introductions
5. Work hand in hand with Vx Medical and value evidence generation teams to educate stakeholders and ensure medical, health economic data are factored in the decision making process
6. Build / strengthen relationships with external local experts, government agencies such as EPI, NITAG, ICC, pediatric associations, supranational agencies... to positively affect vaccination strategies and ensure that GSK vaccines are considered in government tenders (non-GAVI) and universal mass vaccination programs in GAVI countries.
7. Explore opportunities that will contribute to improve vaccination coverage with GSK vaccines.
8. Ensure that the activities conducted are in conformity with GSK ways of working, expectations, legal and corporate standards.
9. Manage local relationships with the vaccine distributors and other key Customers in the Region, ensuring Company guidelines on vaccine Sales and Distribution are adhered to

Knowledge/ Education / Previous Experience Required

A. Educational Background
1. Minimum Level of Education
University degree
Area of Specialisation* Interaction with government officials
Key Account Management
Why is this Level of Education Required? Related to seniority of external interactions
2. Preferred Level of Education University degree
Area of Specialisation Public Health
Why is this Level of Education Preferred? As above At least 5 years experience in managing interactions with government senior officials and other immunization implementation partners.

B. Job-Related Experience
Minimum Level of Job-Related Experience required 1. Demonstrated understanding of the external and public health environment
2. Showcase ability to deliver tangible, measurable and sustainable business results that earn the organization the social license to operate and grow.
3. Strong personal track record in understand complex decision making processes and influencing skills
4. Solid ability to build strong long term partnerships and relationship with government and other key external stakeholders
5. Highly skilled in managing complex issues (external and internal), identifying areas of control, mobilizing internal response and resolving effectively
6. Demonstrated ability to lead external engagement
7. Experience in Vaccines is a plus
Why is this Level of Experience Required? - Seniority of stakeholders to engage within Ministries of Health, Expanded Progam on Immunization, Inter-Agency Coordination Committee, National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups, local offices of supranational organizations...
- Environment complexity with potential conflicting priorities
Application of Knowledge
GSK would require the holder of this job to have a University Degree and required experience / seniority as the incumbent will have to manage high level stakeholders engagement with senior government officials in a complex decision making environment (political, economic, public health agenda, political landscape, GAVI / partners market shaping agenda...)

Problem Solving & Innovation
- The job holder is expected to understand key decision making processes as well as levels of influences that drive the respective national immunization agendas across a wide geography (> 20 countries).
- Understand government priorities and potential areas of conflicts (e.g. public health agenda, Financing...).
- Shape government agenda to the benefits of the patients
- Monitor competitor's activities (external engagements...) and adapt tactics accordingly to protect and grow GSK Vaccines
- Understand coverage issues and identify areas of improvement through Global Health Programs (Save The Children...) interventions, social mobilization activities, disease awareness programs...
- Prioritize activities according to size of opportunities, levels of risks, Regional ambition...
- Ensure smooth transition from GAVI-funded to self-financed while avoiding disruption of immunization programs and impact on coverage

- Good Communication and interpersonal skills will be required to manage interactions with external stakeholders at various levels of seniority (e.g. from Minister of Health down to logistics officers)
- Ability to be perceived rapidly as a trusted partner and act as focal person within GSK
- Ensure monitoring of the changes affecting stakeholders landscape and engage new stakeholders immediately to ensure real time access to information
- The job holder is anticipated to have persuasive skills and interact with a variety of disciplines / functions within and outside of the organization.
- He/she will regularly be required to give formal 'hard-sell' presentations to audiences with support of Medical, who may have decision making authority.
Main interactions
- Ministry of Health / EPI (Expanded Program on Immunization), Ministry of Finance / Budget
- Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee (ICC) and National Technical Advisory Groups (NITAG)
- NGOs / Supranational local representative offices (UNICEF, WHO,...)
- Pediatric Associations and Key Opinion Leaders
- Local Distributors
- GSK Bio and GSK Export teams (Supranational, Medical, Finance, Supply Chain, Customer Services, Vaccines Market Operations Team, Legal,...)
- Ability to engage across a complex Region and cover >20 countries in French, English (Portuguese) in an African setting
- Operate in different socio-economic settings (e.g. Least Developed Countries, GAVI countries, Middle Income Countries...) in countries where GSK is retaining virtually no physical presence
- Capable of interacting with Global Functions in Bio and GSK Export

- Lead activities to defend GSK interests that represent approximately 20-30 mio GBP on an annual basis
- Major impact on public health, GSK's access agenda and reputation (e.g. number of lives saved,...)
- Build trust with key stakeholders (internal and external)
- Unlock new national immunization program opportunities and deliver growth

Why You?

Basic qualifications:
Primary Degree

Preferred qualifications:
Public Health / Medical

Why GSK?:
At GSK, our mission is to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer. Our three world-leading businesses research and deliver innovative medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products. We need a talented and motivated workforce to deliver against our strategy. To achieve this, we strive to attract the best people and to create an environment that empowers and inspires.

Contact information:
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Preference will be given to candidates in line with the GSK SA and GSK Consumer Healthcare Equity Plan.

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