Shopper (Purchasing and Finance Coordinator)

Basic qualifications:

As a successful Shopper, you have a few years of operational experience of support a team in the area of shopping or deep finance /purchasing. You feel comfortable in an international environment and always seek to contribute to the success of your team by your structured work attitude and detail-orientation.

Furthermore, you display the following qualifications and competencies:

  • Knowledge in accounting and supplies;
  • Fluent in French and English;
  • Know-how on information system (SAP)
  • Clear communication capability
  • Ability to attract end users to specific processes and motivate them to take action;
  • Cross-border work, ability to build stable partnerships and collaborations with the finance department and all other business colleagues including BSC & Indirect Procurement;
  • Ability to prioritize and focus on the essentials;
  • Efficient execution/Autonomy

Preferred qualifications:

  • LI-GSK


As Shopper, you will work as part of Nyon Finance Team and will support the Nyon site stakeholders and the Financial Controller in all shopping related activities related to the processing of Purchase Orders and Invoices.

Your role provides key support to all Nyon functions such as Marketing, Research and Development, Commercial, Supply Chain, Quality, Finance, HR, IT, Procurement, Regulatory and Legal. As a key player of the indirect purchasing process, you will be developing best practice with the business and the suppliers to reduce the number of open purchase orders.

You will also be accountable to keep the Accounts Payable balance to a low level by tracking closely the open purchase orders for which the invoices are blocked or not received and taking actions on it.

Furthermore, your daily responsibilities include:

  • Request Vendor master data creation (SLM – Supplier Lifecycle Management) including ABAC form (SLM - Roll-out in GSK in April 2017)
  • Request changes for Vendors reflect changes to email addresses etc.
  • Raise shopping cart for themselves or on behalf of business
  • Receipt goods and services for self and others as required.
  • Receives and actions workflow for the Material Management (MM) invoice quantity mismatch
  • Payment Request forms (urgent payment, down payment…) for specific invoice (MM/FI).
  • Tracking of shopping carts/Purchase Orders to make sure approved on time
  • Single point of contact for internal/external people (Requestors/Vendors).
  • Ensure the use of GSK's preferred supplier (Global/LOC) provided by Indirect Procurement.
  • Investigate and resolve payment issues with BSC and requester
  • Tracking orders where the delivery date (14 days by default) has expired - Contacting requestor.
  • Respect compliance and processes guidelines (SOPs, Limit PO's list, PSL, FI Vendors list etc.)
  • Continuous optimization of processes.
  • Review monthly accruals for Limit Purchase Orders report to Business Finance Partners
  • Raise remedy ticket if shopping cart to PO conversion fails.
  • Receipt goods and services for self and others as required.
  • Assign jobs in ERP and training to new starters/movers.
  • Maintain FI List
  • Manage GRNI with Central Finance teams
  • Change purchase order if required (Price/Quantity etc.)
  • Print or resubmit purchase order to vendors - if there is a PO transmission issue. Determine which cause of issue and take appropriate action.

Contact information:

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