Requisition to PO Process Director

Basic qualifications:

  • University degree/Chartered Institute of Purchasing
  • Extensive experience in developing and executing standard processes globally across an organisation
  • Significant internal and external experience of requisition to pay, specifically Requisition to PO sub-process level
  • Extensive successful experience in strategy and business case development
  • A proven track record in driving significant global change and successfully implementing large scale transformation in Finance and/or Procurement
  • Experience of achieving results through others
  • Significant and relevant industry knowledge of current and emerging requisition-to-pay technology, including detailed working subject matter expertise in Requisition to PO process technology

Preferred qualifications:

  • Ability to use lean sigma techniques and principles
  • Proven ability to effectively communicate and partner with senior management (e.g. CET, SVPs, VPs and Directors in Finance, Procurement, IT and the business)
  • Proven ability to network internally and externally effectively
  • Proven ability to advocate and influence at senior levels
  • Proven ability to communicate the technically complex simply


Reporting to the Procurement-to-Pay Global Process Owner (GPO), the Requisition to PO Process Director will direct, manage, drive, and lead the standardisation and transformation aspects of the specific sub-process for the respective Requisition-to-Pay activities across GSK to help achieve our objectives to improve the buying and supplier experience, as well as reduce our GSK cost to serve.

The role will have global remit owning the Requisition to PO Target Operating Model (TOM) and strategy to ensure standardisation of process, policies, procedures and technology (across all related technology systems, e.g. CERPS, M-ERP and non-ERP) focusing on global requirements with clear accountabilities and simplified contact points and hand-offs for all involved. The role will develop policies, procedures and processes that support and encourage compliant requisition-to-pay behaviours and practices enterprise wide across GSK. The role will devise the reporting and monitoring requirements to ensure global standard and consistent KPIs and VOC are in place, tracked and achieved.

The roles will also be responsible for delivering cost-to-serve and productivity improvements within the Requisition to PO process activities, working closely with the other Sub-Process Directors within the Requisition-to-Pay and the GPO to ensure end-to-end process connectivity. This will also include working closely with colleagues in Finance Services, the CERPS/M-ERP projects and Procurement to address any productivity issues associated with the deployment of the new platform.

This Requisition to PO Process Director will also be accountable for the delivery of major projects and transformation impacting the relevant sub-process.

The Requisition to PO Process Director will have five main accountabilities: diagnosis, design, performance, advocacy and governance, and supporting major projects delivery.

Sub-Process Strategy Review

The Requisition to PO Process Director will continually review and challenge the outcomes of the relevant Requisition to PO process in line with and feed into the end-to-end Global Requisition-to-Pay strategy to improve the buying and supplier experiences, as well as reduce our cost to serve through driving towards a simpler operating model, enabling business growth, and strengthening governance and risk management. The Requisition to PO Process Director will do this by:

Tacking an impartial view and being business/function agnostic ensuring a GSK enterprise mind-set is at the core of all decision making;

Performing internal and external benchmarking of process design and performance;

Interacting as the Requisition to PO Process expert with key process stakeholders, including Finance Services, Procurement, Finance Directors and Business Partners, business leaders, and suppliers to understand current and emerging business demands on the process, as well as usability pain points that may exist;

Working closely with Finance Services, Procurement, Finance Directors and Business Partners, the Risk & Control Team, the Corporate Controller, GSK Audit and Assurance, business leaders, and suppliers to understand the current and emerging risk management demands on the process;

Defining and monitoring user/customer satisfaction with process outcomes;

Understanding of GSK, Global Finance, Procurement, CERPS/M-ERP, Finance Services strategic priorities, and translates these into process improvement or transformation opportunities.

Sub-Process Design

The Requisition to PO Process Director will take the lead on the overall design of the relevant sub-process, feeding into the GPO who has the overall design authority for the end-to-end requisition-to-pay process, whilst ensure all delivery locations converge on a single set of GSK process operating standards.

The Requisition to PO Process Director will have the responsibility to review, validate and design process changes prior to proposals to change any aspect of the process, including IT systems or service delivery activities etc. The Sub-Process Director will work with the business to assess the process impact of business change and bring forward proposals for changes where appropriate. Key accountabilities include:

Maintaining the definition of the Requisition to PO process, documentation of the existing processes and variations across GSK, including RACI and key controls;

Document and/or provide input to relevant Requisition to PO process policies and procedures;

Own the sub-process TOM and Taxonomy development to achieve global process standards with minimal variation for local legal, fiscal or system limitation requirements - Ensuring alignment with other requisition-to-pay sub-processes, as well as other process streams (e.g. R2R, Tax and Stats, etc.);

Reviews and prepares for approval requests to change sub-process design in all service locations (FS and non-FS) and where activities within the Requisition to PO are touched;

The continual identification of opportunities for Requisition to PO process convergence, standardisation and productivity improvement across all GSK service delivery locations and where activities within the sub-process are touched;

Gate keeping, review, prioritise and filter relevant Requisition to PO process ERP business requirements and business changes related to or influencing the Requisition to PO process through a global GPO portfolio review prior to any approval, including FS Portfolio Review Board, TRB approval, IT Demand Review etc.;

Drive standardisation of the Requisition to PO process across ERP templates where possible e.g. CERPS, MERPS and JDE;

Owner of new ERP solutions implemented within the Requisition to PO process - Working with IT partners to make final decisions on global standard applications and technology to support relevant business sub-process;

Support identification of application rationalisation opportunities;

Participating in key business change initiatives as the Voice of the Process;

Supporting (as required) Process/Transformation Boards of key GSK process stakeholders, including P2P SteerCo, P2P Business Advisory Board etc.;

Understands inherent and emerging process risks and ensures that the Requisition to PO process risks are identified, mitigated , controlled and reported appropriately;

Sub-Process Performance

The Requisition to PO Process Director should set the global standards for the sub-process performance by setting sub-process based objectives and targets which align and feed into the overall Requisition-to-Pay objectives.

The Requisition to PO Process Director will agree key performance indicators (KPIs) and VOC that will measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the sub-process. KPIs, VOC measure and targets will be set in conjunction with Global Finance, Procurement, and Finance Services aligning to drive outcomes that are required by the customers and users of the sub-process and the GSK enterprise as a whole. Accountabilities include:

Oversight of set of Requisition to PO process KPIs and VOC to ensure strategy/changes are focused on the right areas to deliver the benefits enterprise wide;

With the business, Finance Services, Finance and Procurement stakeholders to determine customer needs and translates into performance requirements, identifies key performance indicators, VOC and sets targets for sub-process;

Monitor the performance of the Requisition to PO process - works to understand any sub-process issue root causes, identify improvement opportunities, and costs/benefits of implementing;

Understands overall cost to GSK of the Requisition to PO process, identifies key drivers, measures and sets targets;

Sponsor projects or initiatives to improve the Requisition to PO process, monitoring progress and ensures delivery;

Point of escalation for business, customers and SLOs where service performance affected by major process design issues requiring the Requisition to PO Process Directors action.

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