Regional Hospital Account Manager

Basic qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree or above, preferably in medicine
  • 本科或以上学历,医药专业优先
  • More than 4 years of experience in pharmaceuticals sales, marketing and with experience in team management
  • 4年以上的药品销售和市场经验, 并具备团队管理经验
  • Sales management or regional hospital account management experience is a plus.
  • 优先考虑有大区销售管理或区域大客户管理相关工作经验者。
  • Skill and competency: strong communication skill (influencing and negotiation), good interpersonal skill, analytical skill, strategic thinking, and creativity
  • 技能和能力:良好的沟通能力(影响力和谈判能力),良好的人际沟通技巧,分析能力,策略思维和创新思维
  • Leadership: Accountable to achieve excellence with integrity and through team work, Positive thinking with willing to challenges
  • 领导力:团队合作达到卓越,正直,积极面对挑战

Preferred qualifications:



Role Purpose 职位目标:

Lead regional hospital account team to educate and update key hospital decision makers (including directors and pharmacy heads) with healthcare policies, hospital management, disease burden and treatment, and GSK product knowledge to ensure hospital decision-makers have adequate knowledge to list GSK products in each hospital and patients can access GSK medicines. In the meantime,the manager need to develop high qualified hospital account talent thru coaching and assist to implement HA management project。 在区域范围内,带领团队通过医疗政策、病人管理、疾病负担和治疗,以及GSK的产品信息来和目标医院的决策人(包括药学主任和其他药事会成员)进行沟通,建立公司和医院的良好合作关系,以确保医院的决策层有足够的知识来列名GSK的产品,使患者获得gsk的药品。同时,能为公司培养高素质的医院客户人才,并协助全国性医院客户管理项目的落实。

Key Accountabilities/Responsibilities 主要工作职责:

1.Facilitate HAM to implement "Patient Focus" Education Plans in the region。 在区域范围内实现以患者为核心的项目的开展

2.Be responsible for regional KDM daily management system as well as analysis。 负责区域内的KDM日常管理系统的落实,并做分析。

Coach HAM to deliver daily call to hospital management and pharmacy head on a regular basis ,facilitate team members to collect and analyze healthcare policies, hospital management related information and implication to GSK Rx. 辅导区域内医院客户经理, 定期拜访医院管理层和药事会负责人,推动HAM收集和分析与GSK处方药相关的医疗政策,医院管理等信息

3.Be responsible to hospital listing,ensure patient access to gsk new products in regional level。负责区域内公司新产品在医院的准入,确保患者对产品的可及性。

1)Ensure pharmacists get sufficient understand to gsk product relevant disease,indication thru regular information communication和医院药学部门进行产品信息沟通,确保相关药学人员对于疾病,产品适应症的充分了解。

2)Ensure new product can access to patient who have relevant indication ASAP thru the collabration with field force。和销售团队展开合作,确保新产品在医院尽快为适应症患者所可及。

3.Support Biding/Price Strategies Development and Execution on region basis。支持区域内医院招投标,价格策略的发展和实施

1)Assist to develop bidding/listing strategy and coordinate with distrubution Manager and field sales force to execute bidding/listing actions on region basis。协助制定区域内医院招投标策略,与商务分销经理和销售合作执行招投标方案

2)Assist field sales teams, GA, KA in setting strategies to hospital key decision makers' endorsement during provincial bidding and PRDL review


3) Collaborate with related functional college to resolve price negotiation in hospital

level if it happened。如目标医院涉及产品价格谈判,需积极地和公司相关部门同事合作,解决在价格谈判过程中的相关问题。

4.KDM database regular maintenance on region basis区域内KDM数据库的的维护

1) Record hospital KDM call in Hospital Key Account Management System在医院关键客户管理系统中记录KDM的拜访

2) Record listing status in hospital Listing System 在KDM列名系统中记录列名状态

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