Project Coordinator Maintenance Engineer

Basic qualifications:

  • A minimum of 10 years professional experience inside a technical service (Maintenance, Engineering is required
  • A proved experience in project management inside a technical service (Maintenance, Engineering, IT) is required
  • A proved experience in people management inside a technical service (Maintenance, Engineering, IT) is required
  • A previous experience of minimum 3 years in a pharmaceutical industry (if possible at GSK) is required

Preferred qualifications:


  • Deep knowledge of quality and regulatory pharmaceuticals requirements (CMP, cGMP...)
  • Perfect knowledge of V-Cycle in the pharmaceutical industry (Validation)
  • Deep Knowledge of documentary management systems in use at GSK: Techshare, Agora, SAP_PM, LGE01, SAP CV04N...
  • Knowledge of QA notions (& Quality escalation)
  • Global structural knowledge of GSK
  • Product impact Notion (SQIPP – Safety, Quality, Identity, Purety, Potency)
  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) management – Writer, Reviewer, Doc and training system
  • Change Management System in use at GSK
  • Deviation Management System in use at GSK
  • CAPA Management System in use at GSK
  • Technical and production areas acces system
  • Poliovirus and Hepatite A vaccines notions

Analytical and management tools:

  • Root cause analysis
  • Investigation tools: 6M, 5W2H, Ishikawa diagram, IS/IS NOT…
  • STP (Situation Target Proposal) model
  • IPO (Input Process Output) model
  • SWOT analysis (Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • PSQDC (People, Safety, Quality, Delivery, Costs) model
  • PSS Model (Problem solving session)
  • Capacity management
  • Function descriptions general principles in use at GSK
  • Audit L1 notions

Project Management:

  • MS project
  • Classical project flow (& project flow in use at GSK)
  • Project Investment Proposal Flow (through BCR meetings) in use at GSK
  • Gantt notion


  • Global knowledge in engineering and technical stuff.
  • Knowledge in piping, under pressure vessels, valves (Typical bulk infrastructure)
  • Knowledge of typical bulk equipment like distillers, pure steam generator, autoclaves...
  • Knowledge of Fluids Mechanics
  • Knowledge in Automation
  • P&IDs (Process and Instrumentation Diagrams) knowledge
  • Electrical knowledge (conformity notions)
  • Welding control knowledge


  • Global EHS notions and requirements in use at GSK
  • Security procedures in use at GSK
  • Working licence and Working fire licence


  • Knowledge of Maintenance flows and linked Quality systems in use at GSK (SAP_PM, logbooks, preventive, predictive, corrective maintenance, Technician and supervisor roles...).
  • Knowledge of drawing flow in use at GSK
  • Knowledge of Master datas flows
  • Knowledge of LOTO (lock out tag out) notions
  • Knowledge of GSK alarm systems: Oceasoft and AMS
  • Pest Control notions


  • CAPEX management system in use at GSK
  • CAPEX investment rules in use at GSK
  • Purchase order system and flow in GSK


  • Knowledge of usual IT tools like Windows, Microsoft office (Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • Good knowledge of SAP as user


  • Languages: FR (read, write and talk), English (read, write and talk)
  • Right write notion (GSK)


Job purpose:


University degree in a technical Training: general engineer if possible, or equivalent experience.

  • Within the technical services of an MPU (Manufacturing Performance Unit), management of the team dedicated to the execution, on the one hand, of little and middle scope projects (<270000€) and to the following, on the other hand, of larger scope projects in collaboration with the engineering, as function as a MPU relay.
    -Furthermore, TS Engineering ensure punctual support to operational maintenance for planified or urgent interventions (like sanitisation), as Technical referent about sensitive subjects, and take the role of Shutdown coordinator if appropriate
  • Management of the technical projects portfolio of the MPU: regularly update of the portfolio, Ressources (Budget & People) management for all those projects, Planning, Reporting, Follow-up meetings, Customer Satisfacton Assessment, Suppliers assessment.
  • Management of the MPU investment budget (CAPEX SMR – 1M/Year). Budgetary breakdown between differents projects. Follow-up of purchase orders and expenses. Projects budget first valuation

Key responsibilities:

Team Management:

  • To chair structural meetings:

oTIERS: to address urgent or blocking tasks, ensure daily communication and information exchange inside the team,

oWeekly planning and priorities meetings: to ensure follow-up of the projects and understanding of priorities by team members,

oMonthly staffs: to give a main direction to the team, talk about news in the team management, approach some time—consuming subjects, browse the project portfolio…

  • To ensure a team organization (roles and responsibilities inside the team).
  • To assess and dispatch the workload between team members.
  • To give a main direction to the team through a clear charter.
  • To give a clear mission description and objectives to each team members.
  • Perform regularly people evaluations.
  • Take actions or give ideas about actions to take to unblock frozen situations.
  • Be a guide for team members in a complicated situation.
  • Make personal interventions close to people when appropriate.
  • Strategical management to follow projects through milestones reminders and other follow-up tools.

Project Portfolio Management:

  • Technical projects portfolio management: regular update, sort and filter, newt year portfolio preparation.
  • Chair follow-up meetings of portfolio with all the stakeholders (Leadership team, Production Team, Operational maintenance team, QA Team, P&P – Product & Process – Team…).
  • Macro-planning.
  • Priorization.
  • Regular Reporting.
  • Ressources assignement (Budget & People).
  • Customer satisfaction assessment (production and operational maintenance).
  • Supplier assessment.

Investment Budget Management (1M/Year):

  • Budget breakdown between prior identified projects.
  • Follow-up of SMR POs and expenses.
  • TS PO cockpit oversight via personals Click &


  • Projects budgets first assessment.
  • Briefing docs writing in order to obtain from top management (BCR stakeholders) extra budgets for PIP (Project Investment Proposal) and SMR (Site Minor Request) extra projects.
  • 3 years CAPEX plan establishment.

Our offer:

At GSK we provide a supportive working environment, and a range of development challenges and opportunities. We also offer competitive benefits and compensation packages designed to attract and to retain the very best. GSK is proud to promote an open culture, encouraging people to be themselves and giving their ideas a chance to flourish. GSK is an equal opportunity employer.

The department:

Once our pioneering treatments have been developed, they are manufactured to the highest standards and distributed across the regions that need them most. Accomplishing this as efficiently and quickly as possible can quite literally be a matter of life and death. So it's no wonder that more than 70% of our talented workforce is based within Global Industrial Operations - the essential business unit that manufactures and manages the entire vaccine supply process, from customer order to product dispatch on a global scale.

As the name suggests, it operates in a multi-national context across more than 17 sites around the world, working closely in tandem with colleagues from a variety of disciplines and professions.

The department is structured in operating units that focus on various aspects of the manufacturing and supply process. These include Industrialisation (overseeing the transfer of production from R&D to a commercial level), Supply Chain Management and Technical Services.

Our company:

GSK is one of the world's leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies – is committed to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.

GSK Vaccines is one of the world's leading vaccine companies, with a comprehensive portfolio of 39 vaccines for infants, adolescents and adults and 15 more in development. We have more than 16,000 people working worldwide to deliver nearly 2 (1.9) million vaccines every day to people in around 90% (172) of the world's countries.

For further information, please visit

  • LI-GSK

Contact information:

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