Customer Service and Logistic Manager

Basic qualifications:

Customer Service

  • Drive continuous improvement of OTIF (on time in full) performance for the market
  • Customer Relationship Management with wholesalers and major 3rd party customers(where applicable)
  • Manage interactions with 1st trade customers in line with signed agreements and GSK's terms and conditions.
  • Proactive rationing of product where supply is constrained
  • Proactive collaboration with all business teams to resolve customer service issues
  • Provide Customer Support activities (where applicable) including order processing, responding to 1st trade customer and patient queries, stock return management and complaints resolution
  • Oversight of 'order to cash' and invoicing processes with 1st trade customers, and relationship owner with aligned business service teams (where applicable)
  • Note: "1st trade customer" refers to the customer or partner who purchases the product from GSK, ie: distributors and wholesalers

3rd Party Management

  • Supplier Relationship Management (including performance management) with third parties including Logistics Service Providers (LSP), distributors, customs clearance agencies, and freight forwarders
  • Day-to-day issues resolution including stock reconciliation and system interface issues
  • Drive continuous improvement projects related to compliance, quality, cost and service
  • Capacity management of GSK product in supplier / distributor warehouses
  • Design and operation of direct-to-customer distribution channel (where applicable)
  • Gemba of supplier / distributor facilities
  • Ensure required supplier licensing is valid and regularly reviewed
  • Placement of service orders with LSPs according to relevant Grant of Authority (GOA)
  • Provide required support to Procurement teams in order to complete LSP selection and due diligence activities

Local Stock Management

  • 'First point of contact' for communicating supply availability to Commercial
  • Collaboration with Supply Hub to share intelligence on local market requirements (eg: contractual stock levels), align on supply (eg: SCIM updates), and request expediting of shipments where necessary to meet critical patient demand
  • Monitoring of inbound shipments including tracking due and past-due shipments, progress through customs clearance and quality release etc
  • Processing write-offs and arranging secure physical destruction.


  • Adherence to Policy 404
  • Ensure that repacking operations are carried out in line with GSK Quality guidelines
  • Supplier Relationship Management (including performance management) with repacking supplier
  • Schedule and prioritise repacking activity and manage any backlog
  • Proactively notify supply hub on backlog status
  • Track and root cause late repacking completion and put in place mitigation plans
  • Procure and manage repacking materials (where applicable)

Channel Management

  • Complete and maintain segmentation of trade market into individual customer channels(where applicable)
  • Monitor channel inventory (beyond 1st trade customer) and understand trade inventory stocking policies and dynamics at second tier (where applicable)
  • Partner with appropriate commercial team members to ensure wholesaler and trade sales contracts include appropriate supply chain provisions/clauses
  • Work alongside distributors and GSK commercial teams to identify and deliver channel sales and service performance improvement for specific channels and customers
  • Drive channel management maturity in own market, aligned with regional strategy

Core Commercial Cycle

  • Provide market intelligence at Pre-DRM Meetings, such as channel buying behaviours (where applicable)
  • Provide market intelligence as an input to sales history cleansing for statistical forecast models(where applicable)
  • Represent CS&L activities/metrics/initiatives at DRM

Performance Management

  • Ensure robust performance management is in place / in use, both internally as well as with external parties where appropriate (eg: LSPs)
  • Drive local visual office / visual metrics aligned with the regional standard, and ensure appropriate escalations via cluster / regional performance management
  • Monitor KPI trends and conduct interventions where performance is off track
  • Ensure appropriate project governance is in place, including developing Tactical Implementation Plans (TIPs) and tracking milestone delivery

Financial Management

  • Manage local budget, including inbound freight, customs clearance, local distribution, warehousing, redressing activities, outbound freight, and employment costs
  • Act as the custodian of the write-off process
  • Validation of invoices against services provided and contractual rate cards
  • Identify and realise cost-to-serve savings
  • Track spend and collaborate with Finance to raise accruals and review P&L
  • Drive Cost to Serve improvements

Safety, Quality, and Compliance

  • Enforce GSK quality, safety, ABAC and other relevant standards
  • Represent CS&L at Change Control Board and LOC Quality Councils
  • Ensure adherence to global supply chain SOPs
  • Develop, implement, and continuously improve local SOPs
  • Conduct Level 1 audits of key local supply chain processes and support Level 2 / External Supply / CAG audits. Drive CAPAs owned by CS&L
  • Ensure appropriate risk management processes are in place and in use, including Business Continuity Plans, Distribution Risk Assessments, Risk Maps etc
  • Ensure required customer licensing is valid and regularly reviewed.e.g. poisons licences.
  • Ensure GSK licensing requirements are valid and regularly reviewed e.g. licence to distribute, poisons, etc
  • Coordination of Recall logistics
  • Manage and consult with relevance departments over insurance, security and legal issues
  • Manage QRC reporting activities and reviews
  • LI-GSK

Preferred qualifications:

At least 5 years solid Customer Service & Order to cash experience.


Job Purpose:

The CS&L Manager develops, conducts and improves the Customer Service and Logistics processes for the supply of products inbound to the LOC and outbound to its first trade customers in order to achieve optimal Customer Service levels and to maximize the On-Time-In-Full KPI, thereby supporting the commercial ambition.

This role includes the management of external customer relationships with first trade customers and, in some businesses, will extend to developing collaborative relationships with individual wholesalers and retailers.

The CS&L Manager manages the supplier relationships with the local Customs Clearance LSP(s) and Repacker(s).

The CS&L Manager will initiate and support a number of 'exceptional' processes to manage supply chain events and changes, such as supplying batch-level data to support stock-at-risk identification and physical destruction of product following write-off.

Key responsibilities:

  • Manage outbound Customer Service and order management to first trade customer including order placement, invoicing, and customer complaints processes
  • Primary point of contact to Commercial/customers/distributors/LSPs for current inventory availability, physical inventory/batch status, and reconciliation discrepancies
  • Ensure the integrity of Material Master and Customer data (for logistics movements and order/invoice processing) within the local systems used
  • Inform Commercial/distributors/customers and LSPs of planned inbound supply and instruct of stock shortages or stock-outs that will impact supply
  • Where required support the generation / identification of stock-at-risk due to shelf-life/saleable date expiration, including collation of batch level data; manage any required product returns to site.
  • Liaise with the RSDH Supply Chain Planning team and the LOC to consolidate and implement required actions on stock-at-risk, including implementation of write-off across required functions
  • Manage local processes and liaise with LSPs, GSK Regulatory and local authorities to manage logistics activities for Pack Changes, Discontinuations, first-time new product importation, free samples, clinical trial deliveries, Tender samples etc
  • Initiate internal processes to flag missing, out-of-spec, or damaged inbound stock and support through investigations with LSP/LOC/SCP
  • Liaise with central Move Product functions (e.g. Logistic Control Centers, (LCC), site dispatch teams) to ensure complete documentation to support inbound flow of product
  • Coordination and execution of ad-hoc and/or regular subcontract packing, including re-work, conversion and combination of packs. Manage the scheduling of subcontract packing, the physical provision of required materials and communication back into Supply Chain/Commercial of product availability. Ensure visibility of inventory to Supply Chain throughout repacking process.
  • Execute logistics activities in compliance with GSK Quality and EHS standards

Contact information:

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