Continuous Improvement Facilitator

Basic qualifications:

  • Leaving Certificate
  • 5 years experience in Manufacturing
  • Understanding of the relevant quality standards
  • People Management skills
  • Demonstrate ability to project manage
  • Demonstrate Leadership Edge principles
  • Demonstrated problem solving ability

Preferred qualifications:

  • LMLS Green Belt certified or equivalent
  • Experience of project management and validation
  • Experience and knowledge of Pharmaceutical and GMP in a Process and Packaging environment
  • Accurate completion of all relevant documentation
  • Knowledge of documented quality standards
  • Report generation
  • Effective presentation delivery



To provide support for continuous improvement initiatives within the department.

GSK Behaviours

Flexible Thinking

  • Being able to understand and state different perspectives or develop at least two different options for the way forward simultaneously
  • Systematically evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of several realistic alternative solutions to issues
  • When investigating deviations, inquiring with others just as much as advocating one's own views

Developing People

  • Supporting the efforts of others to develop
  • Identify initiatives to improve capabilities within the team
  • Recognizing the achievements and efforts of others to develop themselves
  • Taking personal responsibility for supporting and developing others by acting as a coach or mentor
  • Creating ways for others to coach, mentor and systematically give constructive feedback to each other

Continuous Improvement

  • Seeking to raise levels of performance by establishing an improvement process, or setting specific, measurable targets and goals linked to GSK business needs
  • Establishing a series of measurable improvement processes
  • Adding value to internal and external customers through the ongoing setting and tracking of stretching performance improvement measures
  • Building a performance culture by using systems of measurement to continuously improve on key performance indicators
  • Supporting an environment where it is normal practice to exceed all internal and external customer expectations

Enable & Drive Change

  • Implementing plans and holding self and team fully accountable for delivering short and medium-term goals
  • Enhancing the scope for initiative by reducing barriers to the performance of self or others
  • Ensuring the implementation of longer-term plans or delivery of large-scale projects
  • Creating a culture that values initiative and freedom of action and where a positive attitude to solving problems prevails
  • Encouraging others to take action to change the internal or external environment to provide greater opportunities and more entrepreneurialism

Customer Driven

  • Taking a one-off, specific action to raise value to customers by meeting a specific customer request or solving an immediate customer problem
  • Taking an initiative (a clearly interconnected set of activities) designed to raise the 'value added' to customers
  • Establishing a culture and executing strategies which fundamentally raise the importance of customers in the organization, where everyone understands the 'customer is first' (whether internal or external to GSK), and that GSK is a patient-consumer-focused business

Building Relationships

  • Building relationships is about your ability to develop trust with others. Aiming to see issues through the 'eyes of another'
  • Being non-evaluative and non-judgmental about understanding the views of others, even when this view conflicts with own
  • Testing and validating own understanding of the feelings and beliefs of others by paraphrasing, summarizing and clarifying
  • Being open with own views and feelings and encouraging others to do the same
  • Creating a climate where people feel free to speak knowing they will be heard and valued
  • Building a culture of trust and openness where colleagues, customers and stakeholders can speak out without fear of criticism

Interpersonal Skills (Nature of Interaction)

Interpersonal & Communication Skills

As the department Continuous Improvement Facilitator, the role requires a high level of interpersonal and communication skills. This will include but is not limited to:

  • Foster an environment within the department of open, honest two way communication maintaining an open door policy
  • Effective departmental communication to support effective flow of product building rapport and collaborate with other departments
  • Preparation of reports
  • Ensure that any interaction and communication with colleagues, contractors, customers or visitors will be conducted in a respectful and courteous manner, being open, honest and consistent

Multi-cultural Responsibility

As the department Continuous Improvement Facilitator there is a requirement to recognize and understand the diverse requirements of all our customers.

Breadth / Scope of Accountability*

Scope of Responsibility (primary deliverables expected of the role)

  • Leadership, direction and motivation concerning Manufacturing department
  • Manufacture of product in accordance with specified requirements and timelines
  • Manufacture of product in accordance with achieving and exceeding budget costs
  • Review and support of department Technical Changes and Validations.
  • Support department Deviation investigation and CAPA implementation as per 6-step RCA process as per agreed timelines
  • Completion of CAPA actions as per agreed timelines
  • Implementation of Right First Time culture plus effective corrective and preventive action
  • Achieving Excellence through Teamwork, Change Management, Continuous Improvement and Customer Focus
  • Environmental, Health and Safety compliance in Manufacturing
  • GPS implementation
  • Other duties may be assigned on discretionary basis as required by new developments or changes to the role

Impact of Role on Business Objectives

  • Ensure that all production is completed in a complaint manner and through technical mastery of all our processes and systems, by first intent, confidently deliver: the right products to our customers at the right time and cost
  • Ensuring effective Root Cause Analysis completion and CAPA actions are completed to aid the flow of product and ensure compliance to required standards at all times
  • Support investigations and report all Deviations and Customer Complaints to determine root cause and ensure subsequent CAPA actions are closed out in a timely manner
  • Cast the right shadow and lead by example

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Responsibilities

Scope of Responsibilities

  • Perform duties in a compliant manner and behave in accordance with site SOPs, GSK EHS standards and guidelines and relevant legal requirements
  • Read and understand SOPs applicable to the role
  • Report all accidents, incidents and any EHS issues using the appropriate process or system to your Line Manager or, if required, the Occupational Health Advisor
  • Maintain work area in an inspection ready state and clean as you go to maintain good safe housekeeping standards
  • Be aware of the impact of your job activities on EHS issues
  • Ensure all engineering changes made have safety considerations and best practices as core attributes

Quality Responsibilities

Scope of Responsibilities

  • Perform duties in a compliant manner and behave in accordance with our Quality Management System requirements
  • Participate fully in our Site's quality initiatives and ensure that all relevant quality standards are adhered to
  • Maintain GMP standards where appropriate to your role
  • Read and understand relevant SOPs and Global Quality Policies applicable to role
  • Management Policies relevant to your job role
  • Attend training and complete assessments as required
  • Ensure Quality and GMP is at the forefront of changes proposed

People Management Responsibilities

Scope of Responsibility • Develop skills, knowledge and behaviours to effectively coach and mentor employees

Problem Solving

  • The ability to deliver effective problem solving is intrinsic to the role
  • Performance Management of Safety, Deviations and CAPA process within Value Stream to ensure effectiveness and processes are in place and in use
  • Ensure effective structures are in place, i.e. correct people, processes and knowledge to ensure effective problem solving
  • Ensure robust risk analysis has been completed to prevent and minimize potential problems when introducing new initiatives

Specialised Knowledge

Expected Level of Application of Knowledge Reflect the requirement to integrate this knowledge and develop new strategic or technical principles

Contact information:

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