Giant Eagle

Warehouse Selector $750 Bonus

3+ months agoCranberry Township, PA
  • Experience Required: 0 to 6 months
  • Education Required: High school diploma or equivalent
  • Lifting Requirement: Up to 50 pounds
  • Age Requirement: At least 18 years of age

Job Responsibilities

  • Ensure all quality and safety processes are followed including, but not limited to: maintaining pallet integrity, ensuring trailers are properly secured to dock-lock chock, and monitoring for mis-slotted or mis-rotated merchandise.
  • Move palletized product, using pallet jack to safely maneuver stock, from staging area into tractor trailer and/or put in store locations.
  • Lift & carry cases of up to 100 lbs. from pick slots and place them onto pallets; cases must be lifted from floor level, shoulder level & overhead.
  • Record and log applicable information on appropriate logs on the front dock.
  • Clean and sweep out trailers prior to loading product.
  • Have flexibility in scheduling & availability to work the times, shifts, days and overtime as necessary to meet the company's needs.
  • Meet and maintain productivity standards.
  • Accurately select product by matching slot numbers and product descriptions using a voice-activated warehouse management system.
  • Receive incoming freight into the distribution center.
  • Compare shipping documents to the purchase order to determine if they are the same with regard to quantity and product description.
  • Check all product expiration code / dates, quantity and condition of cases and pallets.
  • Report variances to appropriate supervision or department to determine if product will be accepted or refused.
  • Place correct receiving tag in proper location on each pallet of product.
  • Total the numbers on the purchase order and note variances to the bill of lading.
  • Follow all applicable safety and sanitation procedures, including food safety procedures.
  • Adhere to all Company policies and procedures, including the safe operation of equipment and help to maintain a safe, clean work environment.
  • Put away inbound freight accurately and safely according to preferred methods.
  • Report all merchandise discrepancies and product quality issues to supervision including, but not limited to: damaged product, wrong store number, poorly stacked, incorrect store number and equipment issues.