Subject Matter Expert, Web Development

Web Development Subject Matter Expert, Credentials

Recently voted Fast Company’s #1 Most Innovative Company in Education and #28 Most Innovative Company in the world, General Assembly is a venture-backed, post Series D, NYC-based startup in our fifth year. General Assembly transforms thinkers into creators through education and opportunities in technology, business, and design. We offer classes, workshops, long-form courses, and events in worldwide markets including New York where we are headquartered, Atlanta, Austin, Denver, London, Hong Kong, Sydney, San Francisco, Singapore, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Melbourne and Washington DC..  We also partner with Fortune 500 companies to spur innovation through increased digital fluency and more effective approaches to collaboration.

Accelerate the future of hiring

General Assembly founded the GA Credentialing Network two years ago with the goal to make hiring more transparent and efficient.

Too often, technology credentials are tied to a rote knowledge of software languages and the ability to pass an abstract test or series of tests.

With GA’s Credentials, we are building authentic assessments - a way to assess someone’s ability to solve real-world business problems using technology.  

Currently, our focus is on creating an assessment to distinguish skills relating to server-side web development.


Why build Credentials with us?

Subject matter experts play a crucial role in the design and development of our products. As expert practitioners, industry thought leaders, and exemplars of their craft, subject-matter experts (SMEs) serve as key advisors and authors for GA’s curriculum, assessments, and learning assets.


This is a part-time role, focused on:


  • Collaborating on the scoping and strategy during the initial planning of a GA product - a server-side web development assessment.


    • Creating content that supports the product’s value prop, accurately reflects industry best practices, and demonstrates empathy for those who take our assessments.
    • Contributing to the production of assessment materials, including production-level code and reading prompts.


  • Constructing content that aligns with GA’s code of conduct and maintains the highest level of integrity and respect for source citation and credit.


  • Communicating with GA staff to ensure that deliverables are aligned to the entire product vision.

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • You are eager to shape and build a creative assessment of server-side web development skills.
  • You have at least 5+ years of experience working on a software development team.
  • You have experience hiring server-side web developers developers.
  • You have working experience in both front-end and back-end development, and are fluent in:
    • HTML and CSS
    • PHP, Java, or Python
    • SQL databases (PosgreSQL and MySQL)

Meet Some of General Assembly's Employees

Michelle H.

Director, Corporate Training Solutions

Michelle and her team provide General Assembly’s Fortune 500 clients with the solutions they need. She oversees all aspects of implementation—from design to execution—necessary for digital success.

Jeff K.

Instructor, Web Development

As an Instructor for General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive, Jeff helps to teach and develop the next generation of technical talent at various GA campuses.

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