Classes & Workshops Producer

The C&W producer owns the local C&W program from end to end. You'll create a plan that allows us to grow the business efficiently by getting students to campus, and use data on trends in our region to optimize our offerings. You'll create the systems and processes that help us deliver a high-quality short form experience for every student, every time. You'll also depend on many other departments and people in the organization to accomplish your goals (the Experience team, the Education Programs team, the Marketing team, and more) and should be adept at managing through influence. You are comfortable holding your peers accountable, and work collaboratively to shape timelines and marshall the right resources from groups beyond your own.



Program Planning & Forecasting Develop a quarterly C&W schedule that optimizes market demand and fills our classrooms. Carefully select class a mixture of productized & new class content for your market and forecast the revenue impact against quarterly business goals.


Instructor Recruiting and Management: Finding talented instructors and experts is the key to developing a great class or workshop. You will source and evaluate the right people for the job and interface with them while they teach with GA.


Managing the Student Experience: You are responsible for ensuring that the students have a great in-class experience. Through student feedback and impeccable program execution, students should feel that General Assembly is invested in their success and feel welcomed into the GA Community.


Program Execution and Scheduling: You manage all aspects of program execution and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty. From making sure the instructors show up on time to checking the A/V to writing copy and coordinating with our admissions team to make sure the C&Ws are strategically aligned with course launches, you are a rockstar at ensuring details are in place.


Strategic Guidance and Team Contribution: General Assembly is a young, fast-growing company, and strategic decisions need to be made on the fly. As a Producer, you will have a hand in those decisions, including participating in decisions around the prioritization and direction of content. You will work closely with other team members (including marketing, admissions, and operations) to ensure the growth and success of the market as a whole.



  • 2-3+ years of work experience, preferably in a customer facing, fast paced role
  • Previous experience making decisions based on analyzing quantitative and qualitative data
  • An ability to multi-task, prioritize, problem-solve, and execute in a timely fashion
  • Excellent organizational skills; excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, problem-solve, and execute in a timely fashion
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and last-minute changes; calm under pressure
  • Previous experience with customer service
  • Some prior experience with startups or tech companies is preferred


You are an Entrepreneur at Heart: You prefer the opportunity that comes from being part of a small team to the predictability that comes with larger organizations. You are not afraid of getting your hands dirty, diving into the weeds to understand your business to its core—yet you maintain the vision that keeps your team inspired.


You are Collaborative but Self-Directed: You enjoy brainstorming with others, but are independent and resourceful, requiring minimal guidance. You are not possessive of ideas or thin-skinned when it comes to critique. At the same time, you know how to deliver constructive feedback to others, and possess a strong point of view.


You are Unafraid of Failure: You believe that prototyping is the quickest way to kick the tires on an idea, and enjoy engaging in discussions around your work with members of the education team, colleagues from other verticals, and users. You have been criticized for moving too quickly.


You are Highly Organized: When it comes to workflow, you take pride in your organizational skills. You feel comfortable working with cross-functional partner staff as well as internal personnel—including education experts, technologists, and designers. That is, you see your role as not only implementing quality programming , but also coordinating all necessary parties externally and internally to get the job done.


You have Emotional Intelligence: In this high-touch customer facing role, you are constantly dealing with complex and delicate personal stories. As a self-aware individual you know when to listen and when to provide advice. You are able to empathize with anyone and can handle other people’s stress. You generally are optimistic about outcomes and enjoy making friends with new people. You can be reflective when something hasn’t gone as planned and adapt quickly to get back on course.

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Jeff K.

Instructor, Web Development

As an Instructor for General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive, Jeff helps to teach and develop the next generation of technical talent at various GA campuses.

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