Vice President, Security and Safety

The Vice President, Security and Safety will be responsible for developing and implementing a company-wide strategy to ensure the security, safety and well-being of our associates and the on-going sustainability of our business. The scope of this role covers -

  • All security systems and services including threat assessment, physical access control, guard protection services, coordination with law enforcement, and profile management of all employees, contractors and visitors; executive and travel security; coordination with Events security;
  • Business continuity and sustainability in active coordination with IT security;
  • Compliance with appropriate health, safety and sustainability regulations for all our office locations in coordination with HR, Legal and external parties; and
  • Active coordination with Real Estate Operations managers, Capital Project managers, internal and external Communications, IT, HR and Legal to assure the protection and well-being of our executives, associates, offices and property globally.
  • It is critical for the role to balance Gartner’s collegial culture with the need to ensure the security and safety of a rapidly growing global organization.
  • Security
  • Work with senior management (and external specialists as necessary) to direct the development of an effective global strategy to assess and mitigate strategic and operational security-related threats/risks, manage crises and incidents, and safeguard the organization.
  • Develop an on-going risk assessment process, manage risk assessments and reviews to identify security risks in the organization, evaluate mitigation options to reduce or eliminate the risks and finally implement the appropriate strategies to reduce such risks.
  • Drive the implementation of a global security structure (including policies, protocols, staff, systems and resources) that will ensure the safety of staff and property throughout the global organization
  • Direct the day-to-day management of site security operations for major sites either directly or through subordinates (FTE or Contractor) to ensure timely delivery of required services and appropriate response to incidents.
  • Research and deploy appropriate technology solutions, innovative security management techniques, and other procedures to ensure physical safety of employees and visitors
  • Design and implement appropriate security measures for our existing and new offices, including working with the Transactions team during site selections, and Capital Project Managers, architects and other external parties on design / build-outs of offices
  • Maintain strong working relationships with local, state and federal law enforcement, intelligence, and other government agencies globally, as well as private sector counterparts
  • Oversee incident response planning as well as the investigation of physical security breaches, and assist with disciplinary and legal matters associated with such breaches
  • Coordinate all security efforts with current practices and procedure associated with Garter hosted events security operations
  • Develop appropriate travel security and safety policies and procedures with corporate travel
  • Where needed, oversee travel security to ensure duty of care, provide for security and safety, and prevent or monitor high-risk country travel
  • Ensure provision of executive protection and logistics support for members of the Gartner Operating Committee and others that may be identified on an as needed basis
  • Work in collaboration with the firm’s information security team as needed
  • Develop and provide necessary communication and training around security procedures and practices in collaboration with Communication, HR, IT and Legal
  • Create, prioritizes and manage security budget
  • Business Continuity and Sustainability
  • Take an active role on the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity leadership team in collaboration with members from IT, HR, Communications and Legal to develop policies and procedures, monitor and respond to situations, and communicate to impacted associates
  • Develop and provide necessary communication and training around Business Continuity Practices in collaboration with Communication, HR, IT and Legal
  • Compliance with appropriate health, safety and sustainability regulations and best practices
  • Assure compliance with appropriate health, safety and sustainability regulations for all our office locations in coordination with Real Estate, HR, Legal and external parties
  • Participate with Real Estate and HR in development of policies and guidelines for required and recommended design and operating practices for a healthy, safe and environmentally sustainable workplace
  • Where necessary, oversee the filing of necessary certifications with Real Estate Operations and other functions
  • Support other business units to provide necessary proof of compliance when required by Clients as a part of RFPs or other sales processes


  • Bachelor’s degree with course work in criminal justice, law, security management or related fields
  • Minimum 10 year of experience within security, intelligence or law enforcement communities. International exposure preferred
  • Significant security leadership experience in a private sector organization with a globally distributed network of operations
  • Strong business acumen and the ability to understand Gartner business drivers and culture coupled with expertise in Security, Health, Safety and Sustainability matters.
  • Persuasive leader with strong interpersonal skills who can communicate security-related concepts to senior management and a broad audience. Ability to drive change across the organization through consensus-building, influence, persuasion and motivation rather than direct mandate
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate and coordinate with various business partners, stakeholders and local, state and federal law enforcement agencies
  • Customer service-oriented; “roll-up-the-sleeves” mentality with strong organizational skills
  • Sensitivity to diverse global cultures and personalities
  • Must be available 24/7 and have the ability to travel domestically and internationally
  • Professional security certification preferred, e.g., Certified Protection Professional (CPP) by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

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