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What makes Gartner Research & Advisory a GREAT fit for you? When you join Gartner, you’ll be part of a leading-edge team that values expert insights, bold ideas and intellectual courage. You’ll deliver must-have research through compelling client interactions, and contribute to our double-digit growth by providing clients the unbiased insight and advice they need to make the right decisions every day. Through constant learning, discovery and collaboration, you’ll help clients deliver on their mission-critical priorities, grow your career and increase your industry impact. We value hard workers — and reward you with unlimited opportunity. If you’re looking to explore what’s next in technology and business, Gartner is looking for you.

What makes Gartner Research a GREAT fit for you?

  • You are a team player who values expert insights, bold ideas and intellectual courage. 
  • You are always learning and looking to discover what’s next in security technology management. 
  • You pursue personal excellence through team collaboration and consensus.

As a Gartner analyst, you’ll not only help clients solve complex challenges and deliver on key initiatives, you’ll grow your career and the scope of your impact across industries. We work hard, and we reward success with exceptional opportunity.

About this role: 
This role creates thought leading Identity and Access Management, delivered to our research and advisory clients through published research, conversations (client inquiry), stage presentations, teleconferences, and client meetings. It is important that you have a vision for how Identity and Access Management will evolve in the digital enterprise. 
We look for experience in deployment and operational management of Identity and Access Management technologies such as Authentication, Privileged Access Management, and Consumer IAM, as well as general knowledge of IAM marketplaces and solutions.

What you’ll do:
As a Gartner analyst you will meet with clients every day: on the phone, in a video-conference, from the stage at a Gartner event or face-to-face during a sales support visit. In every client interaction analysts help clients solve difficult security issues. You will:  
  • Conduct research and analysis in specific areas of Identity and Access Management technologies and services  
  • Provide guidance to clients that are selecting, deploying, and operating Identity and Access Management technologies and services in both corporate and cloud environments. 
  • Work collaboratively as part of a globally distributed team of analysts.
  • Deliver high quality actionable advice through a variety of media. 
  • Write clear, actionable, advisory research documents. 
  • Predict how IAM markets are developing in order to help clients in their selection process and assist vendors in market positioning.
  • Remain ahead of the curve on developments and issues within your coverage areas as well as adjacent areas.
  • Respond to client questions, create materials for clients and deliver in person, via teleconference, video conference or webinar and event presentations
  • Maintain the Gartner’s industry leadership reputation by responding to press inquiries 

What you’ll need:
Gartner analysts are correctly viewed as THE experts. This means you need to know your markets, vendors, trends, management practices, etc. and be able to see the forest and the trees. Most Gartner analysts have many years of experience and enjoy solving puzzles.
Specific coverage areas for the IAM Director, Research include (but are not limited to) planning, development, deployment, operations, products and services, and trends as a primary analyst in the following coverage areas:
  • Authentication - includes strong/multi-factor authentication techniques and mechanisms, analytics-based authentication, and continuous adaptive authentication.
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM) – tools and techniques for managing and monitoring privileged accounts and access.
  • Customer identity and access management (CIAM) – IAM tools used for managing customers that prioritize user interface, high scalability and privacy, and must bring together a consistent view of the customer across channels and products.
  • IAM for and with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings (AWS, Azure, GCP, Salesforce, etc.).

The analyst should also have subject matter expertise in at least two of the following areas:
  • Identity Governance and Administration tools: knowledge of the product market, best practices for requirements definitions and technology selection, and best practices for deployment and governance.
  • Access management (AM): software and cloud based services that use access control engines to provide centralized authentication, single sign-on (SSO), session management and authorization enforcement for target applications in multiple use cases.
  • Separation of Duties controls management for ERP systems
  • PKI 

In addition, the analyst should have expertise in or familiarity with the following topics:
  • IAM consulting, system integration, and managed/hosted services, including writing and responding to RFPs and Proposals (product and service).
  • Best practices for general IAM technology selection, procurement, and implementation and for IAM operations and governance
  •  IAM program management and governance, including vision and strategic planning; talent management; developing policies; controls and operational process; program maturity assessment
  • Directory services functionality related specifically to IAM 

Also, the following general skills and experience are required:
  • Demonstrated analytical skills, including the ability to apply conceptual models, and to recognize patterns while drawing and defending conclusions. 
  • Articulate and succinct communication skills. Experience in speaking engagements is an advantage.
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in a research or technology related role. 
  • Bachelor's or equivalent experience 
  • Ability to conduct occasional travel (approximately 6-12 trips per year), regionally and globally

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