Research Director, CyberPhysical Security, IoT, OT, UAV, Gartner Research, Flexible NA Location

The successful candidate will create and maintain a body of Gartner research and analysis pertaining to management of automated cyberphysical security encompassing IT, OT and IoT devices and systems, including management consoles for cyberphysical and facilities security (i.e.: Physical Security Information Management - PSIM), surveillance, personnel/asset tracking, physical/logical access control, and autonomous mobile platforms. Research will focus on technology, market dynamics and management practices across multiple vertical industries. The research will focus on providing insight, thought-leading predictions and actionable advice to Gartner clients. The candidate will focus on written and customer-facing deliverables that retain and grow Gartner contract value in enterprise accounts.

Define and conduct ongoing research and analysis covering the leading practices and vendor solutions for automated cyberphysical security, integration of physical and logical security, emerging capabilities and challenges of new technology platforms and business models.

Define and conduct ongoing research and analysis covering the threats and risks of created by malicious use of cyberphysical vectors to attack infrastructure, processes and personnel

Perform research by reading, networking with clients, vendors and analysts, evaluating and analyzing information and participating in Research Meetings and other activities which comprise the Gartner research process

Produce industry/role-specific research geared towards security and risk management professionals. Specify and design vendor and user surveys and questionnaires

Perform strategic analysis of market, market segment and regional/country trends multi-segment and sometimes multi-program data analysis. Add value to the research by analysis (which may include triangulation, pattern recognition, and application of experience)

Assist in developing research content

Hold informal presentations to internal associates

Interact with client inquiry specialists to develop understanding of client needs and aid in determination of the appropriate analysts to cover questions

Answer telephone and email inquiries from clients in covered topic areas

Create specified volumes of written documentation of research in fulfillment of our commitment to clients.

Create materials for and deliver face-to-face before large and small audiences, teleconferenced and taped presentations to clients.

Provide individualized consulting for clients, which involves presentations regarding Gartner research and findings to individual companies or providing advice to a user or vendor client for a day or two

Provide sales support by speaking to prospective and existing clients via telephone, by making face-to face sales calls with sales personnel and by delivering speeches at "prospectors" (half-day seminars whose purpose is attracting prospective clients)


* Bachelor's degree in related field; Masters (Engineering, CyberSecurity or MBA) preferred, relevant experience accepted in lieu of degrees

Minimum of 5 years work experience in a relevant organization encompassing architecture, design and implementation of automated cyberphysical security systems and management processes. A detailed knowledge of the vendor landscape and subtending product portfolios is strongly preferred including the following representative vendors: Cisco, Honeywell, Raytheon, HID Global, G4S, and Tyco.

Strong background in the following:

Trends in automated cyberphysical security management

How to integrate physical and logical security systems, teams and practices

How to measure the impact of automated cyberphysical security

How to evaluate and select vendors

How to collect, analyse and leverage physical and logical security monitoring data to build comprehensive situational awareness

How to communicate cyberphysical security risk management objectives and priorities effectively to diverse audiences

Knowledge of the regulatory compliance requirements for automated cyberphysical security as well as applicable experience in the in design, deployment and management of physical security programs to maintain compliance.

The candidate’s relevant experience may be either from a user/IT shop or vendor/service provider.

Strong financial and business acumen, strong attention to detail.

Basic understanding of market research, data collection and analysis

Strong written and oral communication skills; ability to explain complex concepts both concisely and simply.

Strong time/project management skills.

A strong team working ethos.

* ASIS CPP certification a plus



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