Program Mgr, Consult the Board

Job Description

The Consult the Board service of the Global CIO Research Board is an email-based platform that enables members to share best practices with one another on a host of strategic, operational, and technology topics. Underpinning the service is the philosophy that RB members share a set of challenges that are unique to companies of their magnitude and structure. Through open exchange and community insight, members can address these challenges more effectively and efficiently, align their management approaches with those of other large enterprises, increase the pace of implementation, and avoid costly missteps.

The Consult the Board Program Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the service. This requires an exciting mix of relationship development activities with key members of our clients’ teams, alongside deep engagement with the research activities underway at the RB and at Gartner. Key responsibilities include the following:

- The Consult the Board Program Manager acknowledges all new requests received from members and determines the best approach for addressing the requests. This typically involves reviewing the RB’s and Gartner’s research archives and collaborating with members of the Research team to understand whether we can field the request in-house, or whether we need to initiate new research to handle the request.

- In cases where we can field the request in-house, the Consult the Board Program Manager identifies the applicable research and packages it into a response to the member. In cases where new research must be initiated, the Program Manager collaborates with the member and/or the RB’s Research team to develop a survey that addresses the key pain points of the request. We circulate the survey to the full membership so that they may provide their insights to the issue.

- The Consult the Board Program Manager tracks all requests throughout their lifecycle in our system of record and follows up with members to ensure their requests are being handled efficiently and effectively and that they are getting the information they need.

- The Consult the Board Program Manager is responsible for tracking member engagement with the Consult the Board service, reporting engagement trends and concerns to RB Program Directors and Gartner colleagues managing the account, and working with key members of clients’ team to encourage greater engagement with the Consult the Board service.

- The Consult the Board Program Manager attends Research team meetings to provide insights to research project development and execution based on the information passing through the Consult the Board service.

- Whenever possible, the Consult the Board Program Manager attends RB member meetings to further develop relationships with members and to better understand their major challenges and research needs.



- College diploma and 6-10 years work experience.

- Exceptional writing skills. The Consult the Board service is primarily an email-based platform, so the Consult the Board Program Manager must be able to communicate effectively in writing with high-level executives from companies in all industries, across all regions of the globe.

- Demonstrated primary and secondary research skills.

- Proven analysis and synthesis capabilities culminating in written work product read by senior executives.

- Sophisticated professional presentation. The Consult the Board Program Manager will have frequent phone calls with clients and key members of their teams and will occasionally meet with clients in person. He or she must represent the RB well during these interactions.

- Familiarity with the IT market and large-enterprise technology usage and trends is preferred. An interest in learning more about the intersection of technology and large enterprises is required.

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