L2-Data Collection Specialist

L2 is a business intelligence firm specializing in assessing the digital performance of consumer brands. We rank individual brand performance in their respective industry (e.g., Burberry in Fashion, Estée Lauder in Beauty, Four Seasons in Hotels, etc.) based on 1,250 distinct metrics. Several elements of the methodology require manual observation, such as requesting information from a store locator, completing an e-commerce purchase, or opting into an email newsletter.

To that end, Data Collection Specialists are tasked with inspecting digital assets (brand sites, social media pages, digital advertisements, mobile apps, etc.) and cataloging key features, functionality, or performance measures on an ongoing basis.

The role requires individuals to input data points based on their observations at regular intervals across hundreds of assigned URLs. Work is repetitive while also requiring great precision.

Ongoing maintenance will require approximately 19 hours a week. This role is on a part time basis only.

Duties & Responsibilities:

    Answer a series of Yes/No questions relating to the configuration of brand sites and other digital properties Input observations into internal database and flag bug, usability issues, or ideas for optimization to immediate supervisor Verify, QA, or backfill data on an ongoing basis Communicate progress against set goals to ensure data is available for wider use within the organization Ensure 100% integrity of valuable data assets that flow into research products, client engagements, and event collateral


Qualifications / Competencies:
    strong computer skills insane attention to detail excellent time management familiarity with database software
Currently enrolled students or Recent Grads who are able to commit approximately 19 hours a week

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