L2, Data Collection Specialist, North America Market Focus, Gartner Research Part-Time

    • New York, NY

What makes Gartner Research & Advisory a GREAT fit for you? When you join Gartner, you’ll be part of a leading-edge team that values expert insights, bold ideas and intellectual courage. You’ll deliver must-have research through compelling client interactions, and contribute to our double-digit growth by providing clients the unbiased insight and advice they need to make the right decisions every day. Through constant learning, discovery and collaboration, you’ll help clients deliver on their mission-critical priorities, grow your career and increase your industry impact. We value hard workers — and reward you with unlimited opportunity. If you’re looking to explore what’s next in technology and business, Gartner is looking for you.

● Answer a series of questions relating to the content and configuration of brand sites, as well as other digital properties

● Record observations using internal database platforms according to specified data entry and validation rules

● Flag and note bugs, usability issues, or ideas for optimization to research leads and/ or managers

● Check data for errors and provide colleagues with evidence/feedback on an ongoing basis

● Utilize various information, communication and platform tools regularly to improve data point comprehension and maximize data quality  

Qualifications / Competencies:
● Strong​ critical thinking skills​​ - the ability to apply a changing set of rules and standards to various research studies, and ask appropriate questions when needed

● Sharp ​reading comprehension skills​​ - the ability to carefully read data point language as well as extensive instructions and guidelines, and use these as references ​to apply to various collection assignments

● Proven information retention skills - the ability to ​keep track of a high volume of both standardized and project-specific informational content​​ and resource materials throughout and across research studies

● Proficiency in ​written and verbal communication​​ - a large component of the job relies on the ability to participate in meaningful discourse with researchers and peers in order to make difficult scoring and adjudicative decisions, thus requiring a collector’s ability to articulate ideas clearly and concisely

● A strong sense of ​ownership and accountability​​ - the role incorporates a flexible work structure by design, but completing assignments thoroughly in a timely and efficient manner will result in strong performance on the Data Collection team

● Strong ​investigative skills​​ - specialists require tenacity and patience to ​thoroughly review digital assets and have ​sharp intuitions​​ about website layouts, design and functionality

● The ability to seamlessly ​navigate various programs​​ and tools utilized as part of the collection process

● The ability to ​receive and respond well to both peer-based feedback and managerial feedback,​​ and the ability to work and communicate well within a large team;

● The ability to ​think and work through gaps of knowledge​​, by being comfortable approaching researchers and managers and ​asking informed questions ​​whenever there are ambiguities during collection assignments

● Impeccable ​attention to detail​​, as the specificity of data points and high volume of data being collected requires  collectors to be meticulous and precise 

This role is part-time and will require approximately 19 hours a week.​​ Currently enrolled students and recent graduates are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Job Requisition ID:G20628

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