IT Financial Management - Research Director

This individual will create insightful and actionable research content on the topics of IT cost optimization, IT financial management and metrics and IT performance reporting and support clients via inquiry and present at Gartner events.

Job Responsibilities:

Create appropriate level of written research per year

Create insightful and actionable research content around the topics of IT and business cost optimization, IT performance management and financial and economic issues around information technology * Create a collection of research that explores the roles and responsibilities of the CIO, the CFO, key IT staff and business stakeholders in regards to IT cost optimization

Create a body of high-impact research around IT cost optimization and how enterprises can achieve more sustainable cost structures through fixed and variable cost models and use of emerging technologies and delivery models

Create toolkits and templates that clients may adapt for their own cost optimization efforts

Take the most pressing IT financial issues, and cast them in such a way as to be engaging and actionable for the CIO, utilizing business language, primary data and statistics and case studies wherever possible.

Provide meaningful peer review to other analysts' research

Answer inquiries from clients in topic areas that include IT cost management, joint business/IT cost optimization and the management of cost optimization initiatives

Create specified volumes of written documentation of research (e. g. Research Notes, Strategic Analysis Reports, presentations, etc.), in fulfillment of our commitment to clients

Create materials for and delivers face-to-face, teleconferenced and taped presentations to clients

Visit client/prospects with sales for identification of opportunities

Provide individualized consulting for clients, which involves presentations regarding Gartner research and findings to individual companies or providing advice to a user or vendor client for a day or two

Provide sales support by speaking to prospective and existing clients via telephone, by making face-to face sales calls with sales personnel and by delivering speeches at "prospectors" (half-day seminars whose purpose is attracting prospective clients)

Success Criteria:

The position combines the need to prepare deliverable products (with their research component) in accordance with a schedule as well as responding to client advisory requests which cannot be planned for

The candidate must have a background in financial or business analysis with deep knowledge of the software industry. This should include proven skills and experience as follows:

· Strong financial analysis and modelling skills

· Strong writing and data visualization skills

· Proven understanding of the economics of the software industry

· Proven track record advising business executives

· Proven ability to work effectively leading or contributing to cross-team projects

Successful candidates are seen as credible subject-matter experts and advisors to C-Level executives, including CIOs and CFOs.

Determine specific subjects to research and present and develop accompanying deliverables and presentations

Take positions on key issues when preparing deliverables

Beyond knowing the facts in the area of expertise, the individual must be good at analysis - seeking out and piecing together fragments of information, extrapolating, building and applying conceptual models, recognizing patterns and drawing conclusions from partial data

Ensure integrity of research and analysis of self and direct reports

Job Requirements:

Experience required:

10 plus years’ experience working within IT or finance (supporting the IT org)

Ability to work in a highly collaborative environment

Bachelor's degree in related field; Masters preferred

Significant applicable experience to be knowledgeable about IT finance and to be accepted by clients as an expert or "guru"

Strong grasp of financial concepts and be able to apply these concepts to information technology issues in the large enterprise environment

Experience running an IT finance or corporate finance office

Strong analysis, writing and presenting skills and the ability to explain complex concepts both concisely and simply

* Credibility to represent Gartner research methodology and strategies effectively at a senior level

Job ID 00020443

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