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Event Production Internship Program

These roles are project based in nature where interns will work on many different activities throughout the summer within Worldwide Events. We will be hiring interns within Program Management, Logistics, Global Exhibitors, Products and Services, Corporate Events and Strategic Operations to support business objectives with labour in the summer months. Hired interns will be provided great exposure to Gartner and Worldwide Events with an aim to grow future fulltime employment opportunities (ie. develop young talent to the Gartner processes, create a feeder program to groom future full-time hires and galvanise interest/awareness to the many areas of opportunity within Gartner Events). The ideal candidates will thrive in fast paced environments.

We’ve included some example projects below for the types of activities the hired interns will be involved in, in each department (but these are by no means exhaustive):

Program Management:
• Portfolio budget planning review process (including market intelligence)
• Recruitment for the Boardroom program with direct outreach to CIOs
• CIO Story submissions
o Outreach to AEs/EPs who nominated the CIO to take part.
o Scheduling of calls for the PM and the nominator to get together to discuss the candidate.
o Creation of slides covering the nominated CIOs and present those options for the CIO story speakers to the Leadership team.
• Sales outreach to educate AEs on the concierge program
Global Exhibitor Products & Services:
• Project Coordination
o Coordinate and distribute onsite event kits to support the GEPS teams
o Proof, print and collate all GEPS documents including Events on Demand forms, Agendas, Staffing Plans, Project Plans
o Create and organise online dashboard to house all GEPS documents
o Create master list of all global MPO initiatives including descriptions

• Operations Team

o Support events in the lead up, pre-planning and onsite
o Create all the shipping labels, help with shipment and help to organize our warehouse
o Help us with projects that might include recruitment of students and temporary staff
o Create process documents to assist us with our event planning
o Organization of event folders
o Help us with projects including researching competitor events
o Idea generation to improve our events (lounges, signage, build, new technology)
o Help to support us at our September summit event in London
o Work with the Symposium team on our EMEA event – helping with tasks in the lead up to this huge event

Strategic Operations:
• Registration and Housing:
o Collect information about different meeting destinations- such as recreational activities, local attractions and/or dining options for upcoming events. This could be posted on the marketing website and EN, the app and even a handout to be posted at the info table. Much of this is readily available from the hotels and DMCs but would look for someone to help in collecting and presenting the information.
o Research overflow properties in the various cities so that we can create a catalog/reference guide of neighboring properties. We could document what the offer (number/type of rooms etc.) and even the names of local transportation companies should we need to arrange shuttles.
o Review the registration sites and communications/templates. While they may not be a “professional” copywriter it would be great to have a fresh set of eyes look at them. Even in terms of the formatting they need an overhaul. Right now the fonts and font sized don’t always match (even within a single communication).
• Content team support:
• Help the content teams in proofing Events Navigator web and mobile to ensure we are displaying things consistently across the different regions

Corporate Events
• Onsite support
• Registration site testing – August/September Events (EDP, Leadership Summit, ExP New Hire, etc.)
• Holiday Party Research – vendors, venues, community building ideas (pending direction of holiday parties)
• HR VP Meetings/EDP/Leadership Summit adhoc projects
• Winners Circle gift/uniform research
• Corporate Events giveaways research- i.e. EDP and Leadership Summit
• Corporate events new uniform research
• Winners Circle Awards Research, RFP suppliers, review process
• Corporate Golf Outing Logistics
• Venue go to document – including venues we use we use in the area with capacities, bedroom, spa etc. – Stamford, DC, Dallas & Fort Myers
• Holiday Party – Support and playbook creation
• HR leadership meeting in Farnborough, logistics support & pre-planning
• Destination research – The dos & don’t about all 2018 locations, Must do activities, create a “playbook” on all locations #L1-LM2

Job Requirements:

• Ideally students going into their second or final year of university
• Relevant subjects such as the following are a plus:
o Event Management/Planning
o Business
o Marketing
o Communications
• A minimum level of 2.2
• Involved in extracurricular activities
o Proves they can handle diverse workload and be successful
o Clubs, sports, jobs, charity work
• Possesses the following traits
o Customer Service/User Experience Mindset
o Problem Solver/Solutions Orientation
o Resolve/Tenacity
o Collaboration/Teamwork
o Grace Under Pressure
o Decision Quality #L1-LM2

Please apply with a cover letter explaining your interest in events and involvement in extra curricular activities.

Job ID 00018600

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