Cloud ERP Software Architect, Gartner Research, Flexible NA or Europe location

This key position requires an individual that is completely conversant with integrated Business Application suites, often referred to as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Of particular importance is direct experience with a market-leading Cloud ERP solution, to bring to the current, strong team first-hand knowledge of the impact of cloud delivery on the IT organization, ERP solution users, business processes, deployment strategy, upgrade processes, technology, and business outcomes.

The successful candidate will create a body of postmodern ERP research, analysis, predictions and actionable advice. These deliverables will be communicated to clients via published research and compelling interactions through individual coaching and conference presentations. Specific duties will include:

  • Define and conduct ongoing research and analysis covering leading Postmodern ERP vendors, end-user use cases, and the impact of technology-driven innovations such as IoT.

  • Identify trends and extrapolate them for predictions by interacting with clients, vendors and other analysts. Supplement these insights by orchestrating interviews, surveys, statistical analysis and by following industry news. Be able to evaluate and analyze information and then detail actions clients should take.

  • Remain current on developments and issues within the area of Postmodern ERP and be able to both help tell the “Application Suites/ERP” story and be able to contribute ideas and generate compelling scenarios for it.

  • Present research to senior, end-user ERP application leaders and CIOs.

  • Support Gartner’s sales force to win new business and retain current clients.

  • Write a specified number of research documents over the year, to a regular cadence, to tell an ongoing story to clients.

  • Monitor client reaction to your research and strive, on a continual basis, to improve relevancy and the value of the advice and insights.

  • Respond to client interaction needs through face-to-face meetings, audio teleconferencing, on-camera WebEx calls, Gartner event participation (including speaking at the event), and local Gartner briefings.

  • Provide individualized engagement day consulting sessions for clients, leveraging on existing Gartner research.

  • Comply with all internal processes, ranging from undertaking expenses on time and sending relevant research to clients to meeting Gartner’s code of ethics.

  • Embrace flexibility to support Gartner’s efforts to continually improve its business and stay current.


  • Knowledge of the major, global ERP vendors for large businesses (revenues greater than $1 billion) and their new cloud-delivered products and services is a must.

  • 8-12 years of experience with architecting and deploying hybrid (on premise and Cloud IaaS, SaaS, or PaaS) ERP implementations.

  • Demonstrate previous hands-on ERP responsibilities in a relevant role, for example, a vendor Product Manager, an end-user ERP Project Manager or an end-user Business Application Architect who has successfully led one or more hybrid ERP transformations initiatives for her or his organization.

  • Experience in one or more of the following area is mandatory: The impact of Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS); In Memory Computing (IMC); The impact of the Internet of Things (IoT); Agile DevOps for ERP or Digital Business’s impact on ERP.

  • Demonstrated ability to piece together fragments of information, applying conceptual models, recognizing patterns and drawing and defending conclusions.

  • Be a creative thinker, having a passion for analyzing information, and be willing to take positions to evaluate future cloud technology in the ERP business application area.

  • Be a self-starter, eager to learn about new technologies both inside and outside the field of expertise and willing to keep his or her finger on the pulse of the changing IT landscape to meet the demands of our customers.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English; fluency in additional languages is a plus.

  • Have a strong collaboration ethos.

  • Bachelor's degree in related field; Masters preferred - and/or relevant qualifications and/or relevant experienc e .

A strong candidate would also be:

  • Familiar with Gartner’s concept of Postmodern ERP strategy.

  • Able to evaluate the benefits, pros and cons of why companies should or should not adopt Cloud ERP in short term, as well as long-term planning for multiple, specific industries.

  • Understanding of and familiar with at least two major ERP software vendors and be able to analyze where they are going with their cloud strategies and how customers will be impacted by their roadmaps.


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