Client Partner

  • The Client Partner's role is to achieve world-class levels client support, value-added usage, retention, and client loyalty.
  • Through the assignment of named accounts representing a minimum of $XM in CV (CV TBD), the Client Partner is expected to develop intimate knowledge of the client's business and industry to drive usage and value-added transactions (i.e. onboarding, use of inquiry, events attendance, etc.).
  • Understand and capture how the client measures value and ensure this is over delivered throughout the life of the contract.
  • Drive continuous client usage of the services purchased by ensuring the connection of key IT decisions and initiatives to Gartner expertise - such as but not limited to:

-Stimulate document usage of all clients

-Get the client to read minimum required documents within period leading up to the client’s renewal

-Ensure document usage of all clients who have not used

-Identify opportunities to connect the client to the Gartner analyst community through Inquiry, Events and CED as appropriate to ensure that the client is exposed to, and experiences, the full Gartner Value Proposition.

  • Provide evidence of value received as confirmed by the Client, captured in Client Connect, to be utilized in quarterly Impact Assessments and ultimately the renewal.
  • Through a solid working relationship, understand current as well as future client projects along with key milestones and measures of success.
  • Identify where there is service misalignment or need for additional access and work with the field AE to ensure client has the correct access.
  • Ensure the client renews their service prior to the cancellation date of the contract.



  • Bachelor's degree + 1-3 years work experience in a service oriented role; preferably one involving heavy phone interaction with clients
  • Proven ability to build strong client relationships based on value-add service (top 10% performer in current non CPG role)
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills; in particular ability to develop and conduct effective presentations via the telephone with high level clients
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively use active listening skills to understand client needs
  • Well defined time management and organizational skills; operates with a structured approach and methodology to deliver results
  • Demonstrated intellectual curiosity/inquisitive nature with proven "research" skills shown to be effective in obtaining information; Technology knowledge preferred
  • Demonstrated ability to work well under pressure

Meet Some of Gartner's Employees

Jenny S.

Vice President, Research

Jenny is the go-to girl for any information pertaining to what technology applications clients can use to support social media connections with customers around the world.

Paul G.

Director, Sales

Paul heads up the Event Sales Team, managing six agents who work to place Gartner’s client vendors into appropriate sponsorships at educational lectures and exhibitions.

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