Merchandising Manager


  1. Pre-Season
    • Hindsight business weekly/monthly/quarterly from product prospective. Identify market category opportunities/risks by season.
    • Develop China seasonal product strategies for 3 markets.
    • Attend Line Confirmation and other key milestone meetings, provide feedback on global assortment and adjust based on China customer needs and pre-aligned strategies.
    • Download assortment to China IM, marketing and store operation teams - concept, big ideas, flow, distro, PR, CR, pricing.
    • Fully responsible for Seasonal Buy
    • Deliver IR Plan in partnership with IM team and ensure product strategies are reflected in the investment.
    • Identify business/assortment holes and brief to global or local design for exclusive product development.
    • Work with commercial planning/IM teams to define pre-season product stories for windows/promo.
  2. In-Season
    • Recap product performance whether it hits/misses plan, provide suggestion on promo/visual/marketing.
    • Understand product trends, historical data and provide product input when in-season decisions are being made.
    • China regional market research - trend, consumer, competitors, pricing.
    • Conduct quarterly pricing research to ensure our price architecture is always at the right position in the market.
    • Work with strategy team on specific market research for certain category, product and project.
  3. Cross-functional
    • Communicate China customer needs and assortment feedback/opportunities to global merchants.
    • Work closely with IM counterparts on a daily basis.
    • Brief marketing team on seasonal global big ideas/concepts and China key investment to optimize the marketing plan.
    • Assist visual team to create seasonal visual directive that aligns with China assortment strategies.
    • Partner with field operation team to incorporate field feedback into assortment strategy
    • Collaborate with production team to involve product development, particularly in product safety, liability settlement and delivery date change of merchandises.
  4. System Maintain
    • Manage assortment tool
    • Develop and maintain Stock Model
  5. Key Meetings/Milestones
    • China Midsight
    • Regional touchbase before global SVL
    • China HS & SAM
    • China Battle Plan & Weekly Operation Meeting
    • Seasonal IR Meeting
    • Line Confirmation/Investment Week

1) Required knowledge, skills & abilities:

• Strong analytical skills.

• Possess a working knowledge of financial measurements.

• Demonstrate a point of view about product assortment and business opportunities.

• Maintain a cooperative team environment that promotes high performance standards and attainment of goals.

• Demonstrate strong listening, verbal, written and presentation skills.

• Multi-tasking, ability in effective time and process management.

• Leadership skill in training, developing team and being role model & talent champion

• Strategic visioning / connecting complex business needs

• Detailed oriented with ability to zoom out to key strategic themes

• Relentlessly commercial

• Comfortable with ambiguity and filling "white space"

• A "self-starter and "self-teacher" / ability to anticipate problems and resolve quickly before escalating

• Customer oriented.

• Fluent in English and Chinese.

• Elevated skill of Excel and Power Point

2) Minimum Education Level

• Bachelor's Degree or equivalent

3) Experience Required

• 8-12 years of retail buying or merchandising experience

• Experience of managing a team

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