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As the Market Director for Athleta stores, you are someone who thrives in growth organizations and thrives on connecting with people, driving business results and building teams of people who are connected to a movement:Igniting a community of active, healthy, confident women and girls who empower each other to realize their limitless potential.

You have an innate ability to develop authentic human connections, are known for your insatiable curiosity and sought after for your keen insight and business acumen.

You are an assertive leader who leads by example…and being vulnerable and humble are the example you set.

You excel in a landscape that is ambiguous and you do not hesitate to take calculated risks if the result will benefit the customer and the business.

You use your visionary abilities to create a strategy and execute with a focus on both macro and micro factors, allowing you to effectively manage a diverse, large span, multi-unit portfolio of stores.

You leverage keen assessment skills to drive talent, product, customer decisions and outcomes.

You dynamically collaborate with cross-functional business partners, bringing everyone together to support a market strategy that focuses on success as an entire fleet versus the traditional single market focus.

You motivate and inspire the District Management leadership team to provide excellence in both merchandise presentation and customer experience.

Your unique point of view has been cultivated by your ability to listen, your desire for feedback, your willingness to learn and the confidence you have gained by sharing your passionate voice.


With a growth mindset, you consistently demonstrate Curiosity, Insight, Engagement and Determination:

  • Curiosity - Actively seeks new experiences, information and knowledge. Proactively seeks feedback and makes changes in response.
  • Insight - Makes sense of a vast range of complex information and discovers new insights that likely transform past views or set new directions.
  • Engagement - Self-aware, genuinely connects with others. Resonates with others' motivations and shares a sense of purpose and caring.
  • Determination - Remains resilient despite difficult challenges. Enacts self-discipline and channels emotions to persevere.



  • Active collaborator in a senior leadership team responsible for developing and advancing market and fleet wide initiatives
  • Believes in the limitless potential of our fleet and through this lens leads the market to exceed sales budget, financial and expense targets by setting and ensuring accountability to clear objectives for performance in talent, product and customer experience.
  • Sets objectives, prioritizes and organizes resources to get things done.
  • Analyzes macro and micro business trends, SWOT and internal and external factors to make effective business decisions.Drives results using data and innovation to give the "why" behind the decisions.
  • Is able to measure and monitor progress and results vs. just checking for compliance.
  • Establishes a unique, clear and credible point of view and can appropriately challenge ideas and other points of view. Challenges the status quo.
  • Partners with HQ business partners to maximize business opportunities for the market and the brand by sharing market, customer and competitor insights.
  • Engages with field leaders - HR, Recruiting, Visual, Loss Prevention, Real Estate - to support delivering on brand goals and strategies.
  • Can anticipate and remove all potential barriers to execution and has the ability to TAKE CHARGE in a crises situation.
  • Exudes the professional presence and confidence needed to protect and drive our company brand. This includesbut is not limited to having the ability to act with great integrity, building trust, having business maturity, being approachable, listening, driving change, partnering and ensuring that all business is conducted without bias or prejudice.


  • Assembles & develops HIGH performing teams who through the process of being led by you feel both lifted up and challenged to be the best version of themselves.
  • Models, nurtures and advancesour culture by inspiring teams via store visits, communication and role modeling the belief in the limitless potential in all of us.Fuels large scale transformation or change with vision and process.
  • Commits to practicing a growth mindset where you embrace challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, see effort as a path to mastery, learn from feedback and find inspiration in the success of others.
  • Leads the market by living in our belief that active lives open up new worlds and bring us joy as we explore ways to nourish our minds, bodies and hearts through inspiring ideas, experiences and relationships.
  • Practices leadings with a mix of humility and self-confidence and builds that in the teams.
  • Has a keen ability to assess talent and through both coaching and motivation helps unlock that talent in their teams through their successes and failings along the journey.
  • Creates development plans and career path opportunities for all direct reports allowing them professional growth and the ability to effect both short and long term business objectives.
  • Retains great employees by cultivating an environment of high engagement.
  • Communicates clear expectations and holds team and self accountable to high standards of performance.
  • Deals with conflict proactively and faces up to issues quickly and takes action.


  • Supports our belief in fueling a welcoming community experience that celebrates the transformational journey among active women and girls across a range of ages and physiques.
  • Uses customer feedback to influence the design of a new breed of performance and lifestyle apparel for female athletes and active women that makes them look and feel amazing.
  • Drives brand loyalty by creating and leading an outstanding internal and external customer experience within the store environment.
  • Leads and inspires a customer centric culture by recognizing and rewarding teams.
  • Assesses customer feedback tools and ensures the development of action plans for improvement to ensure a consistently delightful and authentic customer experience.
  • Ensures that stores are visually compelling.
  • Ensures community involvement to drive brand awareness and loyalty.

SUCCESS - How I Know I am Successful

  • You are an effective member of the Retail Leadership Team, responsible for participating in and influencing feet strategy and contribution.
  • Your market delivers profitable sales growth and achieves all financial targets measured by the retail goals.
  • Your market has succession plans and active developmental goals to support talent growth.
  • Your market leaders own their areas of responsibility and speak to how they deliver results in their perspective areas.
  • You embrace and lead your market in company service behaviors and ensure initiatives have a positive effect on customer engagement and business performance.
  • You are a curious, determined, insightful and engaged leader.
  • Your market consistently makes quality decisions that drive focus and deliver company expectations.

126 5TH AVE



  • Five years multi-unit retail management experience or equivalent.
  • Experience leading multi-channel, diverse geography, large span and high complexity sales teams.
  • Elevated communication/presentation skills that appropriately connect with your teams in market as well as a C-Level audience at headquarters.
  • Skilled in the following competencies: Learning Agility, Experimentation, Innovation Cultivator, Customer Impact, Strategic Orientation, Change Leadership, Trust & Honesty, Collaboration & Influencing, Empowerment, Talent Builder, Drives Results, Accountability and Resourcefulness.
  • Proven organization skills ability to prioritize effectively and manage multiple tasks in an environment with competing demands.
  • Ability to travel, including overnight as required with ability to work a flexible schedule, including nights and weekends.
  • College degree preferred.

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