楼层主管 - Gap

Job Purpose : 职位目标:

The Supervisor supports the Store Management team in driving revenue, controlling costs, leading an empowered team, developing talent, retaining talent within the store and complying with all legal compliance procedures. The Supervisor trains, coaches and manages sales associates, acts as LOD, serves customers and supports shipment and replenishment of product. The Supervisors role is to constantly look for new opportunities and ways of working that will create a better business



Business and Financial :业务和财务:

Optimises sales and controllable contribution within the store.在店铺内优化销售和可控业绩


Through leading and coaching:通过领导和教导:

Sets a high standard of personal productivity and encourages team to do the same设定较高的个人工作能力标准并鼓励团队也做类似设定;

Reviews and adjusts employee schedules to ensure appropriate floor coverage to complete all workload and to maximise sales审核并调整员工排班表以确保对楼层的适当覆盖,完成所有工作量,并尽可能的促进销售

Implements shortage action plan in partnership with the leadership team to minimize loss and achieve shrinkage goal和领导团队合作实施缺货行动计划,从而尽量减少损失并达成收缩目标

Prepares and analyzes LOD tracking sheets to optimize peak hour opportunities编制并分析LOD跟踪表格,以优化高峰客流时段的商业机会

Communicates and manages floor coverage as LOD 作为LOD沟通并管理楼层的覆盖情况


o Achieves budgeted sales in line with annual budget取得预期的销售业绩,并符合年度预算要求

o Works towards like for like sales growth以销售增长为目标工作

o Achieves planned shrinkage results for division取得分部计划中的收缩成果


Customer and Market:顾客和市场:

Ensures that the store is delivering the best possible customer experience.确保店铺尽可能提供给顾客最好的体验。


Leads store team to deliver the helpful customer store experience through:通过下列方式领导店铺团队提供最有帮助的顾客店铺体验:

Visual and signage execution and optimal commercial use of both space and fixtures视觉布展和标志性布展,优化且经济的使用空间和家具

Shop floor replenishment and productivity店铺楼层的补货和销售能力

Ensures an exceptional customer experience by assessing interactions on the sales floor and in the fitting rooms通过在销售楼层的互动和在试衣间的互动确保顾客获得卓越体验

Fosters customer centric culture by recognizing and rewarding team通过认可和奖励团队培育以顾客为中心的文化

Ensures optimal floor coverage to maximize customer engagement, selling and task completion确保楼层覆盖的优化,尽可能扩大顾客参与度、完成销售以及其他任务

Develops and trains multi tasking Associates that are helpful to the customer开发和培训多任务协理,以便为顾客提供帮助

Knows who our competitors are and what they do in the market了解我们的竞争对手及其在市场上的所作所为


Leadership and Employee :领导力和员工:

Builds and develops a high performance team in the store在门店组织和开发一支高效团队。


Provides coaching opportunities to ensure the store is constantly striving to up-grade and develop its talent. Acts as a mentor for new joins.提供教导机会,以确保店铺人才的升级和进步。成为新加入者的导师。

Ensures adequate training for all employees in customer service, merchandising, loss prevention, and other operational areas as necessary to perform the job确保所有员工都得到有关顾客服务、陈列、防止损失和履行职务所需的其他运营方面的充分培训。

Live performance management. Create a climate of high quality feedback, coaching and development.现场绩效管理。建造高质量反馈、教导和发展的工作环境。

Provides feedback on sales team members对销售团队成员作出反馈。

Provides on the job training to new employees为新员工提供在岗培训。


Positive competency movement in the store店铺发生的积极提高任职能力的活动

Active performance management in place in the store店铺内现场实施主动绩效管理

Exit interview feedback离职谈话反馈

Sales Associate Orientations completed on their division在销售协理所在分部进行入职迎新活动


Managing and Operating 管理和营运:

Demonstrates an effective and productive store supporting the business and demonstrates that Risk Management is a focus. 领导有效且具有较高销售能力的门店,促进业务发展,并以风险管理为重点。


Monitors and enforces adherence to all corporate policies (eg. Dress code, return policy, safety, LP etc.) as directed by the policies and procedures监督和推行对公司所有政策及程序规定的遵守(例如,着装准则,退换货政策,安全,LP等等。

Monitors and implements quarterly Ops audit监督和实施季度Ops审核

Conducts daily floor walks for Store to ensure brand retail standards are maintained每天在店铺进行楼层巡查确保店铺达到了品牌零售标准

Compiles daily / weekly divisional action plans that are focused on brand / customer service standards遵守以品牌/顾客服务标准为重点的每周/每天分部行动计划


Organisational Standards delivered to corporate guidelines.组织水准与公司指导原则的相符程度。

Replenishment Audits achieve or better corporate tolerance targets.达到补货审核要求或更高的公司容错目标。

Brand retail standards in line with company expectations品牌零售标准与公司期望值相符

天津市武清区前进道北侧(99 BIS号及Food-N1号商铺),距京津京沪高速武清北(杨村)出口5公里, 距京



Required knowledge, skills & abilities:知识、技能和能力要求:

Proven communication skills较强的沟通技能

Must have high sense of urgency with demonstrated ability to work independently and to make effective decisions in a timely manner.必须拥有较高的应急处理能力,且有能力独立工作以及及时作出有效决定

Allocates time effectively, handles multiple demands and competing priorities有效分配时间,处理多个需求和多个优先级相似的任务

Experience required:经验要求:

Proven track record in people development, manpower planning time management and strong leadership qualities在人力开发、人力策划时间管理和较强领导力素质方面具有令人信服的工作经历

Schedule Requirement 工作时间要求

Ability to work a flexible schedule to meet the needs of the business, will require weekends and evening shifts. Overnights may be required 能够根据工作需要适应弹性工作时间,工作时间可能包括周末和夜班。可能需要通宵工作。

Meet Some of Gap Inc.'s Employees

Theresa A.

Software Engineer

Theresa engineers innovative tech solutions with a small agile development team. Specifically, they work to bring mobile applications to the hands of Gap’s store associates.

Angela R.

Director, Customer Success

Angela focuses her energy and work on Gap’s internal customers—their employees. She is accountable for ensuring Gap develops productivity technology for their employees to be successful in their day-to-day roles.

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