District Manager - Taiwan

GENERAL SUMMARY: Manages and monitors sales, operational and human resource functions for stores in assigned district to ensure maximum productivity, profitability and compliance with company procedures. Leads and directs training and development of management staff. 管理和监督所分配区域店铺的销售、运营和人力资源,以确保尽可能的提高销售能力、盈利能力以及符合公司程序。领导和指导管理层员工的培训和发展。 JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Sales Generation 实现销售业绩 Analyzes sales trends and develops action plans to maximize sales in all stores. Develops implementation and monitoring mechanisms to ensure plan success. 分析销售趋向,制定行动计划,从而尽可能的促进所有门店的销售。建立实施和监督机制确保计划成功进行。 Ensures store management provides staff with effective sales training and high quality customer service techniques. 确保店铺管理层的素质,为员工提供有效销售培训以及培训高质量的客户服务技巧。 Implements and communicates sales incentive programs and contests. 实施和沟通销售激励方案和竞赛。 Implements, monitors and reports regarding test products. 实施、监督和汇报有关测试产品的情况。 Personnel Planning and Administration 人力规划和管理 Leads effort to recruit and retain high quality management candidates, and ensures store managers hire high quality sales personnel. Trains Store Managers in recruiting and employee development. Develops Store Managers for promotion. 领导开展招聘,保留高素质的管理层人才,确保店铺经理聘用高素质销售人员。培训店铺经理招聘和发展员工。促进店铺经理的发展和升职。 Manages, implements and monitors training programs for staff and management. 管理、实施和监督员工和管理层的培训计划。 Ensures all Gap Personnel Policies and Procedures are implemented and enforced throughout the district. 确保所有的盖璞人力政策和程序在本区域中得以实施和执行。 Administers performance programs, including performance appraisals and progressive discipline. 管理绩效考核计划,包括绩效评分和奖惩方案。 Assesses store morale and resolves problems. 评估店铺的士气并解决问题。 Merchandising 货品销售 Maintains awareness of sales and inventory through report analysis, monitoring and control of transfers, store visits, and communication with the stores. Communicates problems and needs to the Regional Manager, and justifies any expenditures necessary to maximize sales. 通过报告分析、对货品传输的监督和控制、查看店铺以及与店铺交流了解销售和存货情况。与地区经理沟通问题和需求,并调整必要的支出以尽可能促进销售。 Ensures defectives are returned to vendor or distribution center. 确保瑕疵品已退回给供应商或经销中心。 Liquidates sales merchandise. 促进货品销售。 Implements Merchandising presentation standards as described in the Corporate Merchandise Manual and requested by the Regional Manager, and ensures store management performs staff Merchandising training as required. 实施《公司货品手册》规定的以及地区经理要求的货品演示标准,确保店铺管理安排了所需的员工展示培训。 Implements merchandise requests, monitors merchandise trends and completeness. Communicates special needs to Regional Manager. 满足货品要求,监督货品趋向和完成情况。与地区经理沟通特殊需求。 Expense Control 开支控制 Monitors all store expenses for district, and instructs and assists store management in expense planning and control. Recommends corrective action for expense accounts and develops expense saving ideas and programs. 监督本区域所有店铺的支出,指示和协助店铺管理层进行支出计划和控制。对支出账目提出纠正措施的建议,并提出费用节约建议和计划。 Manages payroll, shortage, and gross margin measurements to plan. 管理工资、缺货和毛利润使之与计划相符。 Planning and Budgeting 计划与预算编制 Uses company policies and procedures to prepare sales forecasts and expense budgets. 使用公司政策和程序编制销售预测和费用预算。 Loss Prevention 防损 Leads district effort to reduce shortage, and enforce and increase awareness of Loss Prevention Policies and Procedures. 领导区域采取措施减少缺货情况,执行《损失预防政策和程序》并提高员工的相应认知。 Monitors store shortage performance and recommends corrective actions as required. 监督店铺缺货情况,在需要时建议采取纠正措施。 Conducts Loss Prevention training as needed. 需要时进行损失预防培训。 Ensures accurate cash and credit transaction, discount, refund, and deposit procedures. 确保现金和信用卡交易、折扣、退款和押金程序的精确性。 Store Maintenance 店铺维护 Monitors compliance with store maintenance policies and procedures, and recommends corrective action as required. 监督店铺运营与相关政策和程序保持一致,需要时建议采取纠正措施。 New Store Openings 新店铺开业 Plans new store opening activities and plans personnel transfers as required. Completes pre-opening checklist. 计划新店开业活动,需要时安排人员转岗。完成开业前检查清单的项目。 Miscellaneous 其他 Ensures DM audit procedures are completed in a timely manner. 确保及时完成区域经理审核程序。 Completes special projects as assigned by the RM. 完成地区经理分配的特别项目。 Advances job knowledge and management skills by reading and attending training and development programs. 通过阅读、参加培训和发展课程,掌握先进的职位知识和管理技能。

Required knowledge, skills and abilities 知识、技能和能力要求:

  • Demonstrated proficiency in recruiting, training, operations and merchandising. Excellent communication, delegation, follow-up, and analytical skills. Regarded as a leader among peers.


Minimum educational level 最低学历要求:

  • High school graduate or equivalent. College degree preferred.


Experience required 所需经验:

  • 3-5 years of retail management experience, including a minimum of 6 months in a Gap store, with proven ability to direct activities at all levels.


Physical Requirements 体能要求:

  • Communicate with customers and store personnel; maneuver around sales floor, stockroom and store office; travel between stores; lift and carry 30 lbs.


Meet Some of Gap Inc.'s Employees

Theresa A.

Software Engineer

Theresa engineers innovative tech solutions with a small agile development team. Specifically, they work to bring mobile applications to the hands of Gap’s store associates.

Angela R.

Director, Customer Success

Angela focuses her energy and work on Gap’s internal customers—their employees. She is accountable for ensuring Gap develops productivity technology for their employees to be successful in their day-to-day roles.

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