Senior Engagement Editor

The Greenville News in Upstate South Carolina is looking fora Senior Engagement Editor to serve as one of the primary external voices toconnect the public with the news organization through outreach, editorials andeditorial board management.

Greenville is a growing community of about 800,000 with acommensurate diversity of voices, viewpoints and backgrounds.

If you’re the right candidate, you have a passion forengaging people in discussions about issues impacting their lives, identifyingchallenges faced by the larger community and seeking solutions that benefit thegreatest good.

You recognize local news organizations play a critical rolein reflecting the broad diversity of the communities they serve. You have theability to distill the complex into understandable pieces that reflect allviewpoints. You feel as comfortable moderating a forum attended by severalhundred as you do hosting a three-person panel in front of a video camera.

The senior engagement editor plans and executes unique andpowerful ways to connect with the community. Their goal is to make suredialogue with our audience is a two-way street, and that our coverage reachesits audience potential in print, online, at community events and through socialmedia. The editor plays a critical role in promoting our brand and our role inthe community.

The senior engagement editor works closely with reporters,photographers and editors in the newsroom, as well as members of the sales andmarketing teams, to identify and develop engagement opportunities with readersand subscribers.

Our goal is to take journalism beyond the newsroom and makeit a community touchstone through powerful events and outreach.

South Carolina’s Upstate is a beautiful, active region thatboasts an amazing quality of life. The Blue Ridge mountains provideopportunities for great mountain biking and stellar scenery. The metropolitanarea is home to 800,000 and sits midway between Atlanta and Charlotte, each aday trip away. Greenville is a forward-facing community with a vibrant downtown— you won’t find a better backdrop from which to accomplish your goal ofreinventing journalism.

We value and appreciate a diverse workforce.

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