Product Handler PT

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Product Handler

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Distribution Manager

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Part Time

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Shreveport, Louisiana

SUMMARY: The Product Handler is responsible for assisting in the flow of the newspapers and materials that are transferred from the Lafayette production center to the bundle haulers and independent contractors. Also, the Product Handler monitors the quality of the newspapers as a back up in checking for correct bundle sizes and that pre-prints are inserted into the proper zones, assists the District Manager in preparing any daily paperwork needed. This position will perform spot checks accuracy on bundle hauler’s loads and independent contractors that pick up at the Shreveport main dock. The position may be required to perform routine accuracy checks to subscribers and retail outlets.


Job Specific Responsibilities


Assists in unloading and organizing the product at the drop location.

Helps the driver and the District Manager unload the truck, distribute the correct paperwork to the proper independent contractor and make sure that the count is correct.


Spot check accuracy of subscriber and retail outlet delivery.

From time to time we need to make sure that newspapers have been delivered properly and the District Manager is unable to check the delivery in time. This position is required to check those deliveries at the request of the District Manager.


Spot check bundles for accuracy, quality, and proper pre-prints within bundles.

During press run, spot check bundles to make sure they have accurate counts to them, ensure that they are receiving the proper pre-prints, and ensure overall quality of bundles.


Ensures that all independent contractors are on time.

Makes sure that all contractors are called if not at the drop by a certain time. Contacts District Manager when necessary in a timely manner to update them on emergencies and newspapers that have not been picked up on time


Ensures that New Start Packages are distributed in a timely manner.

Manages and maintains the distribution of the New Start Packages to be put out in a timely manner.


Maintain cleanliness of the drop location and transfers material from drop to the Shreveport office.

Maintain cleanliness of the drop area and takes office copies and inter office mail to the Shreveport office.

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