Operations Coordinator

Part Time- 29 hours/week


The York Newspaper Company is expanding its distribution operation to include a number of other publications. To accommodate this growth, we have created 4 new positions to support our distribution team.

Responsibilities include:

  • Distributing bundles of newspapers at our depots.
  • Delivering shortages and service error copies to customers.

No Experience Necessary! We are looking for someone with the following qualities:

  • Hard-working
  • Has a great sense of direction.
  • Energetic
  • Able to work independently.
  • Works well with people.
  • Willing to be training.

Positions are needed to cover a variety of shifts which include but may not be limited to: 2am to 7am Monday-Saturday, 12pm-6pm Saturday, and 2am-10am Sunday. Sunday work is required, flexibility is a must.

Must be able to lift 25 pound bundles of newspapers and drive in a car for several hours at a time. Must have general knowledge of York County, a valid driver’s license, good driving record, and reliable vehicle that can be used for newspaper delivery.

Starting wage is $11.50 per hour with mileage reimbursement for use of your vehicle.

If interested, please contact:

Virginia Barbarito, Distribution Supervisor

717-767-3581, [email protected]

York Newspaper Company

1891 Loucks Road

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