Multimedia Journalist

Multimedia journalist

USA TODAY Network National News Desk


The Multimedia Journalist (aka The Optimizer) produces engaging content to be shared by our audience on social media networks.

Key duties:

  • Identify opportunities to enhance and optimize national content from the USA TODAY Network and other sources.
  • Identify unique angles or takes on stories that will resonate with the social audience.
  • Research, write and/or produce multimedia content that appeals to key audience targets and maximize user experience on digital platforms.
  • Manage digital fronts
  • Champion alternative story forms, quizzes, data visualization and other tools that increase engagement and provide a unique user experience.
  • Work closely with graphic and video teams to optimize and produce content.
  • Work closely with social media producers to provide sharable content and track user engagement.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Embrace digital experimentation.
  • Excel in a fast-paced news environment.
  • Be fluent in HTML and CSS and have an eye towards responsive design
  • Dabble in JavaScript and available libraries, such as jQuery.
  • Be able to create maps and charts with tools such as the Google Maps API, D3.js, Raphael,
  • Understand multi-platform delivery.
  • Understand what makes content sharable.
  • Be socially savvy with an understanding of the culture of sharing.
  • Exemplify the work hard, play hard mentality.

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