Key Account Manager


Provide customer and sales support for the enterprise sales team. Work with the Senior Sales Consultants and Key Account Executives by performing daily account management duties to increase customer retention, grow a pipeline of opportunities and provide the enterprise team with increased sales time.

Job Responsibilities:

SSC/Key Coverage

  • Constantly check voicemail and email for reps, minimum 2x in both the morning and afternoon
  • Respond to clients immediately
  • Ensure all ad requests are completed in a timely manner, same day or by deadline
  • Upsell clients as much as possible – sell bigger and more impactful ads and packages; consistently recommend larger ads and packages

Market Support Metrics

  • Be the market / industry expert
  • Answer (or seek answers) to all market / industry related questions
  • Complete billing of products in a timely manner to ensure revenue is secured
  • Ensure all display ads are done / approved by deadlines
  • Respond to and/or complete all market finance and customer inquiries in a timely manner

SSC/Key Collaboration

  • Follow up with clients while SSC/Key is in the field
  • Set appointments weekly for SSC/Key
  • Identify new leads using Wanted Analytics and other resources; research leads to gather relevant information and record in Salesforce
  • Assist SSC/Key with Salesforce pipeline management

Online and CB Agreement Fulfillment

  • Complete Job Postings
  • Complete monthly account audits in Nexus and alert SSC/Key to potential sales opportunities or issues
  • Submit agreement approval forms; verify accounts are set up timely and correctly; verify CB agreement billing is completed, documenting on billing spreadsheet; ensure CB agreement opportunity is documented in Salesforce completely and accurately (including contacts and opportunities)
  • Schedule training with clients who purchase CB; assist in training and/or demos post-sale with account users
  • Submit all Newspaper Requests in Central Desktop; request Account Reviews; work with CB on Company Profile and Job Branding setup for new orders; troubleshoot with CB on account technical issues

Order Support

  • Bill products as needed: CB Agreements, Banners, Displays, etc., working with fulfillment specialist as needed on CB agreement billing
  • CB Agreements – Update in Salesforce with each sale (new / renewal)
  • Assist with ATOL artwork and corrections
  • Communicate with GIADC throughout entire artwork process for display ads
  • Respond to GIADC traffic emails, quickly
  • Contact finance department to obtain memo bill, per client / rep request
  • Assist in researching why an ad did not run – trouble shooting as needed

Account Support

  • Assist in resolve billing issues or inquiries, working with the market Account Manager
  • Update client information in SAS or Salesforce, as needed
  • Assisting market AM with CCC issues, as needed
  • Contact CCC and local finance regarding client credit status
  • Create new Ad Power accounts, as needed
  • Assist as needed with correct billing address confirmations, credit applications, adjustments, etc.


  • Complete weekly audit reports
  • Start and maintain a process for auditing CB agreement records
  • Review audits with SSC/Key to keep account on pace and make corrections as needed
  • Ensure that all audit issues are resolved immediately; there should be no delay

Print Ad Fulfillment

  • Build ads as needed (building print ads for key clients, upselling frequently)
  • Order, proof and process print ads; includes processing of ads from sales to insertion into the newspaper, coordinating copy, layouts, logos, color and space reservations
  • Record opportunities in Salesforce
  • Work in conjunction with SSC/Key to identify and prospect clients for special promotions such as Super Sunday

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