Advertising Operations Coordinator


Page Planning of Newspaper and Classified- Provide the most effective design and placement of retail advertisements, according to customer requests, while adhering to editorial budgeted news hole and color requirements of the press. Page planning and pagination of classified sections. Create reports to communicate necessary information about the configuration of the publication. Requires ability to effectively interact with internal and external customers and excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills. Create reports to confirm all display ads have moved into Adbase.

Ad Traffic Coordinator- Monitor the outsourcing of ads to and from the Gannett Imaging and Ad Design Center (GIADC) and serving as the primary liaison for communication with GIADC. Support ad staff by uploading material and corrections into ATOL and Wave 2 and send proofs out for proofing and approval.

Communicate with ad reps, assistants and GIADC to ensure deadlines are met.

Import ads into publication templates daily and submit advertising pages to prepress for output.

Creative- An experienced leader with technology expertise and working knowledge of InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat X Pro. Possess the ability to conceptualize and design print ads, online ads and content layout for special publications, marketing and circulation.


Job Specific Responsibilities


Page planning.

Newspaper layout in Layout 8000 for all daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal publications working with IC to achieve customer and editorial requests while adhering to color requirements of the press and space requirements of classifieds. Classified layout in Mactive PGL for daily and weekly publications. Provide effective placement of ads according to customer request, adhere to color requirements of the press and typeset pages to meet press deadlines. Layout obits daily.

Compile and distribute appropriate reports for production, IC, Design studio, and advertising. Coordinate ad deadlines. Monitor and address Shoom and Tecnavia feeds.


Ad Traffic Coordinator.

Monitor electronic queues and follow-up on ad alerts, work with sales staff to get missing materials in, proofs back and final approval, communicate all changes and requests to GIADC or Wave2. Assist reps whenever possible by uploading material into ATOL or Wave2, communicating with AA or customer. Aggressively work to get ads approved on time. Work weekends to process obits and death notices.


Pull ads into Newsgate, typeset full pages to prepress.

Confirm ads are correct size, color and customer in Newsgate. Release page or typeset full pages, check EOP to confirm typeset pages have gone through and confirm prepress has received all pages.


Creative design.

Create ads, spec ads, banners, flyers, sales material, stationary, logos and other marketing, circulation, event and promotional design needs. Order gloss covers, business cards, etc from outside printers. Submit artwork for wraps, preprints and sticky notes, process logos and images for ads to outside and inside sources.


Able to react to change productively and handle all other essential tasks as assigned.

Troubleshoot computer and program malfunctions alone or with the help of IT. Able to develop alternate strategies to accomplish tasks in order to meet deadlines.


Core Skills


Supports a Collaborative Work Environment

  • Supports management decisions.
  • Sets a good example for intra- and inter- departmental cooperation, teamwork and problem solving to achieve company goals; maintains trusting relationships and treats all individuals fairly and with respect.
  • Takes an active role in safety and housekeeping endeavors; accepts individual responsibility for safety.


Shares Information

  • Communicates concerns constructively through the proper channel of authority to identify opportunities and resolve problems.
  • Sends and receives information effectively internally and externally using appropriate forms of communication.


Builds Customer Loyalty

  • Performs work to positively support internal and external customers; uses good judgment in interpreting policies and procedures to meet customer needs.
  • Builds and sustains customer commitment and loyalty by continuously improving and/or developing processes, products and/or services.
  • Follows up regularly and as promised to determine if customers are satisfied with products and/or services.


Initiates Strategies to Meet Company Goals

  • Prioritizes and organizes work effectively to meet deadlines and achieve performance objectives.
  • Overcomes obstacles to meet performance objectives by developing alternate strategies.
  • Works with others to identify and develop innovative solutions.



  • Good planning and organizational skills
  • Good math skills
  • Must be able to work simultaneously on multiple publications
  • Occasional overtime may be required.
  • Weekend work required.


  • College Degree Preferred
  • 2+ years using Indesign, Illustrator and or Photoshop is desired


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