Software Developer Internship

Who we want

Team players. Whileyou have no problem working on your own, you also recognize the value of buildingpartnerships with your coworkers. Comradery and strong relationships are a big partof how you accomplish tasks and reach goals.

Problem solvers. Yousee a solution where others did not even see a problem. You approach challengeswith creativity and imagination, and your persistence helps you findalternative ways to proceed.

Hard workers. Yourstrong work ethic helps you complete tasks, and the intensity and diligence youbring to your projects ensures excellence.

Passionate innovators. Writingcode isn't just a job; it's part of who you are as a person. You are proud ofwhat you build and the far-reaching influence you can have on others.

Groundbreakers.You enjoy uncovering new advancements in technology and analytics whiledeveloping in the latest technology stack.

Game changers.Your contributions will change the world.

We want people who thrive when they are developing innovativesolutions and whose mission is to make a positive impact on the livesof millions through endless possibilities in cutting-edge technology. Join us,and put your greatest strengths to work.

What you will do

Gallup's software development internshipprogram gives college and graduate-level students opportunities to apply coursework concepts to real-world settings.As a software developer intern, you will have the opportunity to work on highly influential projects, from delivering technology thatenables managers to build engaging workplaces to writing code for programs that help people capitalize on whatthey do best. Partnering withour best and brightest developers, you will gain valuable experience working atone of the global leaders in strategy, technology, analytics and consulting.

From designing tools for coworkers andclients to developing solutions that help the world's leaders govern, you will havethe opportunity to change the world.

AtGallup, we care about bringing your passion for software development to life.Tell us what you do better than anyone else and what you get most excited about— and we will give you the chance to do what you do best every day.

What we are looking for

  • a college junior, senior or graduatestudent working toward a degree in computer science, MIS, engineering, math or arelated field with information technology experience in programming or computerhardware
  • classroom experience coding in any ofthe following: C#, Java, CSS, PHP, HTML or database development (MS SQL orMySQL)
  • object-oriented design (OOD) or SQLprogramming skills
  • aptitude in programming analysis anddesign
  • excellent verbal and writtencommunication and analytical and interpersonal skills
  • availabilityto work up to 15 hours per week during the school year and up to 40 hours perweek during the summer; hours are flexible to accommodate your busy classschedule

Internship opportunities are available in Omaha, NE, and Madison, WI.

You will have the opportunity to select the center you are mostinterested in when you apply.

Gallup is an equalopportunity/affirmative action employer that celebrates, supports and promotesdiversity and inclusion. We will consider all qualified applicants withoutregard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, protectedveteran status, sexual orientation or gender identity, or any other legallyprotected basis, in accordance with applicable law.

Candidates must be authorized to workin the United States.

Meet Some of Gallup's Employees

Steve C.

User Interface Lead

In addition to working on Gallup’s technology platforms, Steve takes pride in mentoring his team, knowing that he’s had the very best mentors at Gallup throughout his career.

Vipula G.

Managing Partner

As Gallup's managing partner for the eastern United States, Vipula ensures Gallup's specialty services fulfills customer commitments and delivers powerful business impact.

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