Recruiting Process Manager


Galileo is looking for a strategy and operations mastermind to join our recruiting team. This warm, and experienced people manager will establish and execute selection processes to screen thousands of applicants while inspiring and mentoring a team of junior recruiters.  


We value divergent thinkers who bring various experiences and viewpoints to the table at Galileo. We strongly encourage members of underrepresented groups and people of diverse backgrounds to apply.


Who are you?

  • You’re a detail-oriented and metrics minded strategist. You know the importance of a well-built plan and pride yourself on delivering. You’re wildly open to feedback, and nimble when adaptation is necessary.
  • You’re a bold and calculating executor who thrives on adaptation. You know change is the only constant and foster a tone of peace and gratitude for innovation in those you lead.
  • You have an owner’s mentality. When you are responsible for something, you take it all the way. And then some.
  • You’re an inspiring team leader. Staff feel seen, led and grown under your leadership.
  • You’re a leader — a servant leader — at heart. You treat all who rely on your work as clients, and have a love for and deep interest in working with people and supporting colleagues and direct reports.


Who are we?

We think the world needs innovators. We also think kids who learn to explore and fail without fear—the essence of innovation—are happier, more creative and more confident when faced with life’s challenges. And we think kids with these skills are more likely to change our world and be the masters of their own.

It takes a village to bring best-in-class, ever-evolving camp programs to over 30,000 campers each summer. At HQ, we believe that we are Galileo; through the work of each contributor and team, we bring our values to life, and constantly make our company and culture better. Because here, values aren’t just lip service — we aim to be more visionary, courageous, collaborative, determined and reflective each day, and back that effort up with structure to ensure our success. People who work hard, seek feedback to improve their work and themselves, feel deeply accountable for excellent work product, and play very, very well with others tend to thrive in our culture. Complainers don’t.

We like each other, we joyfully work hard together, and united by a shared dedication to our mission to create a world of fearless innovators, we encourage innovation in everything we do. We’re also a certified B Corp, and uphold a company-wide commitment to camper inclusion and broadening our impact. Learn more about our purpose from our CEO & Founder, Glen Tripp.


What’s the team like?

The People Operations team is not your average Human Resources department. You’ll be on a team that approaches everything — from the way we attract and select candidates to the quality of service and the benefits offered to our employees — in a way that reflects the pride we take in hiring and retaining exceptional staff teams. Unlike traditional full-cycle recruiters, our Outreach sub-team works to source and drive applicants, while you and your team will be focused on candidate assessment and related strategy and processes.


What’s the job, really?

We’re looking for a Recruiting Process Manager who is a nimble planner, ready to map a detailed successful summer staff hiring strategy and ready to situationally change course seamlessly.

  • You’ll strategize and iterate upon Galileo’s summer staff selection process, leading to the successful hire of ~2,500 summer staff annually. You’ll continually refine strategy and systems throughout the hiring season to ensure hiring goals are met.
  • You’ll screen, hire and train a team of 3-4 Summer Selection Specialists annually. Review applications, conduct Skype and in-person screenings and assemble a strong team. Envision the training that will lead your team to success, then create training outlines, facilitate training independently and with co-facilitators.
  • You’ll supervise a Summer Staff Selection team. Hold weekly one-on-one check-ins, provide ongoing observation and coaching, and ensure a fantastic employment experience.
  • You’ll supervise a year-round Selection Coordinator, focusing on weekly and monthly completion of work while developing long-term skills and ensuring a great working relationship.  
  • You’ll liaise with the Field & People Ops teams to remain on top of shifting staffing needs. In these relationships you’ll build confidence by consistently responding with poise and a plan.
  • You’ll conduct all late-season hiring for remaining positions once your seasonal team departs. Review applications, conduct screenings and complete offer calls when necessary to ensure all positions are filled promptly.
  • You’ll support camp directly during the summer weeks as a member of the staff coverage team, possibly working an alternative schedule to ensure coverage for emergent needs from camp.


What are we looking for?

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience
  • 2-5 years of experience in staff selection, preferably for a multi-site organization
  • 2-4 years of experience managing a team
  • Proven operational chops: project management, workflow planning and/or data analysis and interpretation
  • Readiness to stick around: we find that our team and team members benefit from a 3 year minimum commitment.


Benefits & Compensation

  • Base and bonus potential to be discussed during interview.
  • Employee medical and dental benefits provided by Galileo; employee-paid dependent care and multiple ancillary benefits available.
  • Generous parental leave and extensive support with leave planning.
  • 401(k) provided after one year of employment; current Galileo contribution is 3%, with an employee contribution option.
  • We believe that a balance between work and life is essential to happiness and success, so work hard and take the time you need; 20 personal days per year.
  • For team members with kids, we offer significant discounts on camp programs.

Meet Some of Galileo's Employees

Nelda K.

Camp Director & Interview Specialist

Nelda is at the center of Galileo's innovation—hiring staff, managing their professional development, overseeing camp operations, and building relationships with parents and members of the community.

Viva A.

Associate Director of Staff Outreach

As part of the People Operations Team, Viva explores exciting ways to identify the right candidates that compliment Galileo's uniquely dynamic culture and add value to team initiatives.

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