Infrastructure Engineer

Job Description

Fundbox is looking for an experienced and talented Infrastructure Engineer to join our R&D infrastructure team.
The infrastructure team responsibility includes:

  • Development and maintenance of applicative frameworks
  • All critical aspects of production environments
  • Development life cycle, enabling a CI/CD approach using a wide range of tools and services.

In Fundbox, we strongly believe in the DevOps culture. We build resilient tools and frameworks which enable each one of our developers to deliver their code to production with no external dependencies.
We deploy artifacts into our production environments multiple times per day, ensuring fast content delivery and customer satisfaction while keeping stability as a top priority.

Main areas of activity include:

  • Common libraries and applicative frameworks (inter-service communication, discovery, utilities)
  • Architecture (network layout, load balancers, scaling)
  • Bare infrastructure (servers, monitoring)
  • Development lifecycle (deployment, environments, dev-env)

Required Skills:

  • Fast learner
  • High level understanding of system wide processes and ability to dive into details where needed
  • Willingness to dive into 3rd party code
  • Multitasking while dealing with aggressive timelines
  • Posses both developer and operations experience.
  • Ability to provide an analysis for complex problems in real time

Job Requirements

  • At a minimum of 3 years of industry experience as a software engineer - must have at least 2 years in Python
  • Designed and built a software solution from scratch
  • Experience with the Linux operating system internals, such as system calls, strace, IPC, threading, memory management, and locking
  • Experience in Amazon or other cloud environments


  • Experience with microservice architecture
  • Experience with CI/CD tools and methodology
  • Experience with Docker

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