Full Stack Engineer

Job Description:

  • Design, build, and maintain APIs, applications, services and systems enabling Fundbox financing solutions.
  • Contribute features to a complex product built in a distributed microservices environment.  
  • Build rich Vue and Angular applications with different state-management paradigms.
  • Work with cutting-edge technologies and become an industry leader.
  • Improve your skills and learn from top-notch engineers.
  • Tackle tough problems and find creative ways to solve them.
  • Pioneer new E-commerce flows and technical solutions in the credit eco-system

Job Requirements:

Fundbox is looking for an exceptional Full Stack engineer with a passion for Engineering, at least 4-5 years experience in backend development and 1 year experience in frontend development.

You must be a top-notch engineer with at least one server-side technology (Python, Java, .NET, Ruby etc) and experienced with working with relational/ non-relations DBs, enjoy and have experience building APIs, and have knowledge of various API paradigms.

You should be familiar with at least one framework such as Vue, Angular or React, and know your way around modern frontend languages such as ES6.

Bonus point for experience in Microservices, Continuous Delivery, Open API/Swagger and Test Driven Development (TDD).

Meet Some of Fundbox's Employees

Alex V.

Founding Engineer

Alex is one of the founding engineers on the team that developed the original Fundbox product. Today, Alex focuses on new product exploration for the company's Fundbox Labs.

Jason S.

Sales Leader

Jason engages existing Fundbox customers by making check-in phone calls to review results and extend services. His role on the Sales Team is to show small businesses how Fundbox fits their financial needs.

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