Product Manager


We’re leading the charge in a world of apps that do stuff, and do it with style. It’s no longer sufficient for brands to just throw out apps that “delight” without much substance. We work with our clients--from small startups to big brands--to figure out how to achieve their marketing and business goals through smart, high-functioning apps and websites that genuinely engage their users and keep them coming back for more.


You’re a product management ace with a solid understanding of what makes a strong digital product. You know what a mobile phone is capable of and how we can push it to its limits. You know what makes a compelling, interesting idea for a mobile product. Your role is to sit down with potential new clients and hear about their idea at a very-high level, and then turn around and present our implementation vision. You’ll come up with a broad vision for a concept right off the cuff, because you know best practices and how to solve problems through technology. In minutes, you come up with ideas that took our clients weeks or months to put together.

You’ll be asked to do a range of tasks, working on specific client deliverables, as well as meeting with potential new clients and helping them understand how Fueled would execute their product vision. You'll manage and organize timelines and estimates for each project, assessing projects from a creative, business and technological viewpoint throughout the design and development phase. You’ll oversee the creation of documentation that allows clients as well as members of Fueled’s design, production, and development teams to understand the product, and you’ll help to support and deliver on our ability to bring our clients’ products to life quickly and effectively.

Your day to day responsibilities include, but are not limited to: leading Scrum calls with remote teams; grooming the project backlog; managing communication with clients and account managers; collaborating with design and development teams on product implementation; outlining new product development roadmaps; managing and verifying technical deliverables (information architecture); identifying and mitigating potential roadblocks; and reviewing external APIs.


  • 3-5 years of experience managing and producing digital products, preferable in mobile.
  • Close involvement in the launch of at least two mobile apps.
  • A demonstrated mastery of mobile and tech industry trends and best practices, as well as a willingness to learn and articulate the unique Fueled approach.
  • Familiarity with common application solutions, spanning the client, web and data layer tiers, including popular client and server side frameworks, SQL / noSQL solutions, AWS and Heroku.
  • Familiarity with Jira, PivotalTracker, and Git.
  • Familiarity with agile methodologies, such as Lean, Agile and/or Scrum.
  • Solid understanding of what a RESTful API entails.
  • Strong visual thinking and storytelling abilities, simplifying complex concepts and strategies through design and logic.
  • A working knowledge of a mobile device’s capabilities to the extent that most client questions can be answered without consulting a developer

See Inside the Office of Fueled

Fueled is a product-driven venture-development firm that works with a range of startups and big brands to create compelling, successful, award-winning apps and websites. The company's mission is to help entrepreneurs—whether solo or part of a 1000-person company—build and scale their businesses, helping people perfect and realize their visions for digital products. A lean, tenacious machine, Fueled is powered by 85 of the sharpest, most passionate people to be found.

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