Front End Developer - React

Front End Developer

At FTD, LLC we continually evolve the business by promoting a culture where solutions from the technology group help transform our business through customer-meaningful solutions, innovative technologies, and business-impacting projects.

This highly crucial Front End (React) Developer position will take a leading role in building applications for our E-Commerce company. We are actively searching for top-level engineers to join newly created teams at FTD. You will be building an entirely new state-of-the-art platform and architecture from scratch.

What You Will Contribute:

  • You are going to be Coding in JavaScript Libraries, specifically React, within GCP Cloud
  • You will champion innovative solutions and interact with software engineers, web developers, and QA automation resources, contributing to our growing ecosystem of cutting edge SOA based applications.
  • Work within an agile group for varying degrees to deliver solutions.
  • Interact closely with the business to understand business processes and proposing technical as well as non-technical solutions for business problems--seek the biggest bangs!
  • You will drive innovative change across Information Technology to help the department meet its strategic goals.
  • You'll work with team members at all levels of IT to promote positive change, software best-practices, technical guidance when requested.
  • You can mentor other developers to help grow their software development skillsets.
  • Actively work with the team and managers in continuously improving the SDLC process and the efficiency and effectiveness of the engineering team.
What we seek:

A Front End React Engineer with the ability and interest to work on a broad range of different projects and technologies, who loves to write code and is excited about building things. Here are a few things we are looking for;
  • You have a minimum of 2+ years of industry experience working as a Front End Engineer.
  • Experience using React/redux, next, and nodejs.
  • You have experience in SEO, responsive design, and website performance and a good understanding of how browsers and DOM work. Additionally, experienced with Cross-browser compatibility
  • You will be using web build tools, such as Webpack, Gulp, and Grunt.
  • You are highly preferred if you have a Bachelors's or Master's degree in Computer Science or related discipline.
  • Your deep understanding of client-side development, hand-coding in HTML5, CSS3, ES6 will ensure success.
  • Experience using a client-side MV* framework such as AngularJS
  • You have good working experience with Git and handling Services, RESTful APIs.
  • Possess a proven understanding of tiered distributed systems.
  • Sharp analytical abilities, problem-solving techniques, and object-oriented software design skills while being excellent at juggling multiple responsibilities and tasks at a given time and prioritizing those items so that your time.
  • Experience defining solutions in agile environments.
  • Produce high-quality software utilizing automated unit and integration testing. Proficient with software design patterns.
  • Experience implementing or utilizing Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices.
Bonus Points:
  • Experience in Cloud-based technologies such as AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.
  • Experience with various E-Commerce systems such as PIM, OMS, and/or FMS
What we offer:

The opportunity to be a part of a team that builds and evolves high performance, scalable order processing systems handling large transactional volumes. We encourage and welcome out of the box ideas in all areas like artificial intelligence, data processing, and information retrieval, voice capabilities, automation, computer vision, and other ideas welcome. You will enjoy all the benefits of working for a digital E-Commerce Company (flexible hours, a healthy vacation plan, summer hours) in a relaxed work environment.

We actively embrace the definition of a "flat" organization where you will spend time with business leaders, managers, developers, product management, and executive leadership. There are job opportunities, and then there are career opportunities. Let us provide you with a career where you look forward to Mondays. Careers that have a positive impact and offer you a future as we change, grow, expand, and explore new and exciting experiences for our global customer base.

Come join our team and help contribute to our exciting transformation! While you are part of the office of technology, you will have a broader impact on the overall growth of the business. Consider joining one of the few companies outside of Silicon Valley able to offer development of a high-traffic E-Commerce platform receiving upwards of 40K customer purchases an hour.


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