Director of Product Design

    • Malvern, PA


Frontline Education, a leading EdTech company headquartered in Malvern, PA, is looking for a proven design leader to join our high-performing organization as Director of Product Design.  The objective of this role is to cultivate a culture of Design Thinking that begins at the most senior levels of the company and propagates though all our processes and teams – resulting in solutions that truly help education professionals better serve students.  The ideal candidate will be a change agent and servant leader with a proven track record of transforming an organization into a Design Thinking Organization.   


He/she will have “been there and done that” and taken a design organization to “the next level”, e.g.  

  • Helped drive a culture of Design Thinking and innovative efforts that increased the value and appreciation of design both internally and with clients; 
  • Worked closely with senior leadership to apply proven research and design methods to support the entire customer journey and further the company’s business goals;  
  • Built and lead mature, user-centered research and design practices for world-class enterprise organizations, and; 
  • Built and lead a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and designers in solving real-world problems and creating exceptional software experiences for users. 


  • Promote a Design Thinking Culture across senior leadership that culminates in a shared vision that propagates into our processes and teams. 
  • Cultivate empathy for our customers internally and articulate a product experience vision that connects business strategy with day-to-day practicality. 
  • Expand Frontline’s presence and leadership in web, mobile, voice, and other emerging forms of user interaction. 
  • Define a strategy to consolidate existing or acquired software solutions into a personalized, world-class platform user experience. 
  • Lead and scale a team of researchers and designers through multiple phases of growth, acting as a mentor and role model, providing candid feedback and guidance. 


Soft skills we are looking for in a candidate: 

  • Change Agent. You know how to effectively lead an organization through transformation. 
  • Leadership. You lead by example and coach diverse team members to achieve both successful business outcomes and their personal career goals. You take ownership of and articulately defend your decisions, but also embrace change when data suggests a new direction. 
  • Agility. You exemplify the Agile principles of valuing people over process, working software over specifications, collaboration over artifacts, and responsiveness to change. 
  • Empathy. You value the viewpoints of others in determining strategic direction. Rather than expressing your own bias, you listen and think critically about what makes good sense in each situation. You ask appropriate questions, weigh the pros and cons, and figure out where mutual success lies. 
  • Ability to refine ambiguity. You can take high-level vision and proactively translate that into a tactical business strategy that your teams can execute on. 
  • Strong integrity and interpersonal skills. You exhibit exemplary personal and professional ethical standards and can serve your direct reports, peers, and leadership equally well in a collaborative environment. 
  • Personal and professional development. You invest in continuous learning through self-studytraining classes, or community engagement. 
  • Commitment to the company, team, and product success. 


To operate most effectively, you should have experience with the following: 

  • Minimum 15 years of successful personal design contributions for web- and/or mobile-based user experiences, preferably in a SaaS environment. 
  • Minimum 10 years of demonstrable design leadership that resulted in clear, positive business and user outcomes. 
  • Fostering and growing relationships with collocated and remote stakeholders and research and design teams.  
  • A servant leadership approach that removes barriers to success for people and projects. 
  • A degree in a related field is preferred, but real-world experience is most important. 

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