Operations Team Lead (Outbound)

    • Manhattan, NY

We seek a tenacious, effective, and kind Outbound Team Leader to help FoodKick create a world in which extraordinary food can be delivered on demand in as little as an hour. 

The Opportunity 

In 2016, just 1.4% of fast moving consumer goods in the US were bought online. By 2025, this will grow to ~20%, or $100+ billion. The prospect of fast, precise delivery is a key driver of this growth, and we believe that FoodKick will claim the lion’s share of this booming market for two main reasons: (1) our revolutionary warehousing allows us to operate with never-before-seen speed and efficiency, and (2) we share the sourcing, supply chain, and expertise of our parent company, FreshDirect—the country’s original and largest online grocer. By joining FoodKick, you will get not just a front row seat to, but an opportunity to drive and develop a fast-growing company in a burgeoning, fundamental industry.

About FoodKick

FoodKick is an innovative warehousing startup that makes extraordinary food deliverable on demand, in as little as an hour.

We believe that fast access to extraordinary food can help people save time and live more vibrant lives. We also believe that every person wants to live authentically as their highest self, to contribute meaningfully through challenging work, and to be appreciated for their efforts and personhood. We aim to honor these worthy desires by nurturing a culture of respect and providing world class training, hospitality, and growth opportunities to employees at all levels.

We are also aware that while advanced logistics and technology make our world more convenient, humans are at risk of losing sight of community and the long-term, global impact of consumption. No industry is more central to this dilemma than food. So, we have asked ourselves two questions: “Can we deliver extraordinary food on demand in a way that increases not just our customer’s quality of life, but the health of the environment, our community, and the global food economy?” And, “Can we do this in a way that builds community – both inside our plants and in our customer interactions?” We believe we can. Please join us and help us prove it.


The Outbound Team Leader

As an Outbound Team Leader, you will be tactically responsible for the Outbound Team’s daily operations. This is an active, even athletic, position of constant motion and awareness. You will be in touch with the living pulse of operations, optimizing capacity by making minute-by-minute adjustments to your team’s workflow and to building-wide labor distribution with intuition, data analysis, and close monitoring of our in-house outbound management software (NDRS).

The ideal Outbound Team Leader has an intimate mastery of all outbound functions (pick, checkout, and trip build), confidence in holding teammates accountable to goals (including supervisors and managers), and finesse in building trusting relationships up and down the chain of command by listening and taking meaningful action. You will balance performing all outbound functions as needed—and at an expert level—with coaching associates, refining processes, and removing barriers that impede optimal team performance. You will also complete daily and weekly Leadership Standard Work, such as managing operational inventory, auditing for quality and safety, overseeing specific outbound functions, and participating in plant leadership meetings.

Relative to the responsibilities of Supervisors and Managers, those of the Outbound Team Leader lie more “in” the business than “on” the business, making you like an Operations Point Guard—calling plays, and then both leading and participating in their execution. However, we at FoodKick think of Outbound Team Leaders as Supervisors in Training, and the ideal Outbound Team Leader will find ways to work “on” the business as well by contributing to process improvements and high-level projects. Beyond this, we will facilitate your growth by offering formal trainings on soft skills such as leadership, coaching, and listening and hard skills such as data analysis, lean manufacturing, and continuous improvement.

 Job Responsibilities:


    • Identify and develop the strengths of associates in your area
    • Provide real-time, tactical coaching to associates in your area based on what you see on the floor and what you learn from hourly and daily reports
    • Consult on outbound hiring decisions by completing performance evaluations of temps at 180/360/520 hour intervals.
    • Resolve conflicts among associates, or escalate appropriately
    • Oversee timesheets to ensure associates get fairly paid
    • Schedule and manage associate breaks
    • Greet and direct building visitors to proper personnel
    • Attend daily Outbound huddles and translate stated goals into actions for your team
    • Attend daily shift turnover meetings (area handoff & building overview) with outbound leadership
    • Attend weekly Outbound Leadership meetings
  • Production
    • Understand, and maintain awareness of, business metrics for individuals in your area, your team, and your building
    • Analyze productivity reports to manage area-specific capacity and move labor between outbound functions
    • Perform all outbound functions as needed, at an expert level
    • Enhance team performance by running regular area-specific skills drills (collaboration with Learning and Development)
    • Perform regular quality and safety audits in your work area
    • Communicate with Customer Service Agents regarding missing, damaged, and poor-quality products
    • Communicate regularly with Inbound Leadership to identify and resolve cross-functional issues
    • Contribute to written End of Shift (EOS) Recaps for your area(s)
  • Equipment
    • Conduct Start of Shift and End of Shift supply checks
    • Count and order operational inventory: checkout bags, bag bottoms, gloves, rubber bands, pick carts, trip building rolling racks, delivery totes

 Job Requirements

  • Minimum of 6 months experience working in a warehouse, manufacturing, or food processing environment
  • Eagerness to grow personally and professionally
  • Expert ability in all outbound functions
  • Demonstrated comfort with arithmetic and basic data analysis
  • Demonstrated high leadership potential and emotional intelligence
  • Demonstrated listening skills and ability to give feedback firmly and compassionately
  • Demonstrated ability to speak and write clearly in English
  • Ability to work weekends (both Saturday and Sunday)
  • Ability to work occasional overtime, or to cover team shifts as needed and within reason
  • Ability to work part or all of the day in a cold climate (32 to 38 degrees)
  • Ability to stay alert, on your feet, and in constant motion for most of an 8- or 10-hour shift
  • Ability to twist, bend, sit, and stand for extended periods of time
  • Ability to lift a minimum of 50lbs repeatedly


  • Previous leadership experience
  • Bilingual (Spanish)

 You are:

 An All-Star – You have total mastery of all Outbound functions (top 20% performer)

A Team Player – You prioritize your team’s success above your own.

An Open Listener - You listen receptively and dialogue collaboratively, especially when others are being frustrating. You seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Efficient – You get that we are an on-demand business, and you have a sense of calm urgency that drives you to complete your work smoothly and quickly.

Growth Oriented – You are a committed lifelong learner. You love improving yourself, and you love seeing and growing others’ untapped potential.

Drama Free – You don’t enter the fray. You notice when you get triggered, and you manage yourself appropriately.

Receptive to Feedback – You gracefully receive the feedback of others. You get that others both up and down the chain of command can help you see your blind spots.

Equal Opportunity

FreshDirect (and by extension, FoodKick) is an equal employment opportunity employer. We are proud to serve a diverse customer base and to work with a diverse, inclusive team. Consistent with this, FreshDirect does not discriminate against applicants or employees because of their race, color, citizenship status, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, creed, marital status, veteran status, domestic violence victim status, familial status, or on any other basis prohibited by law. Furthermore, FreshDirect will not discriminate against any applicant or employee because he or she is disabled, a disabled veteran, or a veteran of the Vietnam era, provided he or she is qualified and meets the relevant job requirements.

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