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High School Special Education Teaching Resident {2021-2022}

3+ months agoPhiladelphia, PA

Applications for this position will be reviewed starting on January 4, 2021. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Teaching Residency in partnership with Relay Graduate School of Education

Freire Schools is seeking a Teaching Resident for the 2021-2022 school year. In their first year, Teaching Residents will complete a one year apprenticeship at Freire while enrolled in a teacher preparation program with Relay Graduate School of Education. In their second year, Teaching Residents will become full time teachers and complete Relay's Teaching Exceptional Learners (TEL) program, to obtain their PA Special Education 7-12 certification.

The Relay Teaching Residency Program

The Relay Teaching Residency is built on the belief that great teachers are made, not born. The Residency provides access for aspiring teachers to learn what it means to be a teacher by internalizing the knowledge, skills, and mindsets required to improve student growth, achievement, and character. The Relay Teaching Residency is rooted in the Relay GSE program, which offers a practical, research-based, curriculum designed to specifically enable graduates to lead their predominantly urban students to demonstrable annual achievement gains.

Through successful completion of the program and their coursework, Residents will obtain dual certification, in either Secondary English or Math AND Special Education, as well as the preparation necessary to successfully transition into full-time teaching by their second year.

Program Features

  • Deliberate Practice: 3-hour weekly practice-based sessions that are steeped in essential teaching skills and aligned to what they're learning in their coursework.
  • Resident Advisor: School-based mentor to model great instruction and provide coaching and support.
  • Gradual On-Ramp to Teaching: Carefully designed and structured on-ramp into teaching with the goal of increasing teaching responsibilities over time
  • Gateway Assessment: Assessment to ensure that the most valuable skills have been mastered and Residents are prepared for the classroom

The Resident Role
  • Apprenticeship: Observe a Resident Advisor and gradually assume responsibilities in their classroom
  • School Support: Participate actively in the Freire community through activities like co-teaching, teaching intervention blocks and tutoring students


Successful candidates will have the following competencies:
  • Successful experience working with urban youth
  • Completed Bachelor's Degree, with respective 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Strong organization and critical thinking abilities
  • Deep belief that all students deserve an excellent education
  • Deep commitment to teaching and service
  • Openness to regular feedback with a growth mindset and respect for themselves and others
  • Ability to build relationships with diverse constituents through effective communication and responsiveness
  • Grit, achievement orientation, passion, excitement, and professionalism

Job ID: Freire-1303