Software Engineer

Fluxx has a mind for technology and a heart for philanthropy. Our secure cloud-based platform makes collaboration, clarity, and organization of data effortless. Your grantmaking organization can dramatically shorten its processes and make more strategic decisions with Fluxx. Take your grantmaking to new heights with Fluxx’s robust automation, key integrations, and versatile reporting for grants, investments, employee giving, contracts, and more.

As a Software Engineer, you will provide technical leadership, driving and performing best engineering practices to initiate, plan, and execute large-scale, cross-functional, and company-wide critical programs. You will also work to design and execute user-facing features and applications for the Fluxx product suite.


  • Own and deliver technical solutions from planning and estimation to production and iteration
  • Produce quality software that is tested, reviewed, and checked in regularly for continuous integration
  • Maintain engineering team high standards of maintainability, efficiency, and security
  • Push yourself and your teammates to learn and improve
  • Mentor, pair, and review to promote teammates’ technical growth
  • Collaborate cross-functionally with designers, user researchers, and product managers


  • At least 4 years experience building, debugging, and scaling modern web apps
  • Generalist’s approach, comfortable on the frontend, backend, and anywhere you might find solutions to problems
  • Empathy for users and your teammates
  • Foundation in computer science with an understanding of data structures and algorithms
  • Knack for user experience and interaction design
  • Experience working in at least some of our stack:
    • Elixir, Phoenix
    • React
    • Ruby, Rails
    • Redis, Resque
    • Elasticsearch
    • MySQL
    • AWS services, Docker
  • Passion for Fluxx’s vision to become THE company that changes philanthropy forever

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