Sales Manager

    • Santa Ana, CA

We are seeking a high energy, rock-star City Manager who wants to join the Fivestars team!  We need highly motivated, fast-paced leaders ready, willing and able to:

  • Find true joy in helping others reach their maximum potential
  • Coach and develop sales employees through demonstration both in the field and on the phone
  • Manage the day-to-day activity of the sales team, and hold the team and self accountable
  • Adhere to existing sales script and sales processes
  • Driver of Fivestars culture and core values within the local office
  • Consistently communicate FiveStars Sales agenda items to their team
  • Manager must understand and be able to teach "Sales Math"
  • All City Managers need to be highly competent sales performers and be able to transfer that skill to their team
  • Recruit, hire, train and retain top-level talent
  • Have never ending energy and optimism
  • Be a creative thinker who can identify and solve problems and develop ideas independently


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience 
  • 2+ years experience within a sales environment with excellent performance 
  • Leadership experience at the local sales level 
  • High level of integrity, customer service, and management skills 


  • Successfully sold to franchise, chain, or individual pay-at-the-counter food/drink businesses (i.e., coffee and tea shops, restaurants, etc.)

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