Partnership Manager

About the Position
With an eye toward accelerated growth, we are looking for an individual to coordinate the many moving parts necessary to successfully manage our suite of corporate partnerships. While expanding the base of external organizations we collaborate with, we must ensure optimal leveraging of these partners to grow revenue. This individual will be tasked to not only coordinate and execute flawless integrations, but also constantly evaluate the efficacy of the relationships and agreements we already engage in, as well as assist in the procurement of any new partnerships. Diligently project managing the nuances and intricacies of the partnerships we’ve closed, this individual will be tasked to work cross collaboratively with both external parties as well as members of our Product, Marketing, Business Development, and Client Success teams.

You Will:
- Oversee management of partnership performance and quarterly goals
- Coordinate meetings and communication with partners
- Design and conduct internal training on partnerships
- Coordinate product design and development with product partnerships
- Coordinate content creation and campaigns with Marketing
- Assist with due diligence and business negotiations for partner acquisition
- Prepare and conduct demos and presentations with current and prospective partners
- Provide basic business analysis of acquisition opportunities 
- Assist with project management during acquisition and diligence process 

About You
Detail-oriented. DIligent. Thoughtful. You are a master organizer and coordinator. Great at identifying edge cases and potential pitfalls, you consider all parameters of problems and provide holistic solutions. At the same time, you understand the dangers of paralysis by analysis, and are adept at aggregating, synthesizing, and making decisions in short timelines. Never faulting to follow up, you expertly organize your schedule to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. With a strong understanding of the software as a service model, you are quick to recognize additional revenue opportunity within current partner engagements. You serve as a suave and engaging partner that clients not only trust, but also enjoy interacting with as well.

You Have:
- A bachelor’s degree
- 1+ years full-time experience in a professional environment
- Experience with highly-detailed writing, planning, and cross-functional coordination and organization
- Enthusiasm for client/partner-facing responsibilities 
- Strong verbal and written communication skills
- Experience conducting analysis of SaaS metrics (preferred)
- Salesforce experience (preferred)

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