Junior Systems Administrator

About the Position
We’re looking for a Junior Systems Administrator to help manage FiscalNote’s hardware and software procurement, installation, and management needs. With a rapidly growing staff, FiscalNote needs to ensure employees are optimally equipped to effectively get their jobs done day in and day out. Interested and capable of handling a wide variety of tasks from simple computer troubleshooting to difficult network issues, we need an individual willing to get his/her hands dirty to solve problems across the technology spectrum. Working closely with both Engineering and Operations teams, this individual will both be spending time in both day-to-day systems administration as well as more basic introduction to the DevOps side of the organization.

You Will
- Manage, troubleshoot and apply best practices to office communications systems, including VOIP and video conferencing
- Monitor, triage, and respond to tickets on the IT help desk board
- Manage FiscalNote's Google Suite Instance by Ensuring proper account configurations for organizational units, setting up offboarding/data transfer procedures, managing mobile access of email, setting up two Factor Authentication company wide, reviewing and strengthening permissions
- Implement a Universal Directory & manage security to be used for provisioning and/or deprovisioning and SSO
- Assist FiscalNote team members with technical issues
- Assist in the management and troubleshooting of internal networking issues.
- Oversee deployment and management of company hardware
- Work with and assist DevOps Engineers for any infrastructure tasks required

You Are
Motivated. Detail oriented. Curious. Excited to help accelerate a rapidly growing organization’s ever-increasing need for advanced technological management and security, you delight in both getting your hands dirty to solve problems, while picking up new technologies and skillsets on the fly. You despise leaving issues unaddressed and are the type of person that will go to the moon and back to ensure loose ends are tied. Always with an eye to scaling systems, you recognize when a robust, systemic fix is better than a temporary band-aid, but you don’t hesitate to quickly triage when time is of the essence. You believe there’s always opportunity for cost and efficiency savings -- understanding that shortsighted decision making can significantly curtail a company’s ability to scale.

You Have
- Experience with VoIP technologies
- Experience with Mac laptops, including configuration, support and troubleshooting
- Experience managing Unix systems, specifically Ubuntu
- Experience with issue tracking systems
- Excellent planning and organization skills
- Knowledge of networking principles and protocols
- Knowledge of security principles and best practices

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