International Policy Manager (Europe)

About the Position
As we continue to reinvent the future of policy and law, you will be jumping headfirst into a team of passionate and motivated individuals. As a critical member of the policy and strategy teams, you will drive the next generation FiscalNote products and services in the European market. Your role will challenge your skills as a thought leader, market analyst, product visionary, and customer advocate. You will report directly to our Chief Strategy Officer.

You Will
- Function as one of the internal leaders for helping FiscalNote enter the European market
- Identify best areas for entrance to the European market
- Contribute expertise toward shaping and servicing our European offerings
- Educate both internal and external stakeholders on your knowledge and drive the value of FiscalNote international offerings

You Are
Diligent. Thoughtful. Detail-oriented. Innovative. You understand that the keys to the policy and legal information castle have long been held by those with access to large legal teams and an in-depth understanding of the nuances of government -- and you yearn to leverage technology to provide wider and more rapid access to that information. A self starter, you are always able to understand the bigger picture, and take a leading role to impact it. Written communication is your forte, and you relish the opportunity to pen in-depth policy dives for FiscalNote publications. You love working across different groups in a fast-paced environment, and you’re not afraid to embrace change.

You Have
- Three years of public affairs, public policy, government affairs, or compliance experience with at least one year working in the EU
- Knowledge of the EU government ecosystem and how to navigate it, as well as working knowledge of industry-specific legislative and regulatory needs
- Strong understanding of EU member governments and their roles and relationships within the EU Commission
- Familiarity and experience working with trade associations, corporations, consultants, and services related to the EU
- A network within the EU ecosystem that you have built through your work
- Excellent organizational, project management and problem solving skills
- Ability to work independently and meet critical deadlines
- Exceptional verbal, written, and listening skills

About Policy at FiscalNote
The Policy team functions as the ultimate internal consultant and informs every FiscalNote function: strategy, research, business development, and marketing, to name a few. Leveraging expertise in legislation, regulation, and case law, members of the Policy team provide guidance on the development and maintenance of current and future FiscalNote products. Penning their vast knowledge to the proverbial paper, our Policy team members contribute towards industry specific content and educational materials, informing internal and external audiences about issues we are uniquely able to address due to FiscalNote's position at the intersection of technology and policy.

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