Associate Consultant, Implementation

About the Position
FiscalNote is seeking an individual to assist in the managing of project portfolios to ensure that new clients receive customized training on how to best utilize the FiscalNote platform. This role facilitates the transition of the client’s existing workflow into the FiscalNote platform and ensures that they achieve their desired outcomes.
Excited to engage our products, FiscalNote’s new and potential clients dive headfirst into the platform. Ready at the helm, members of the Implementation Team ensure that clients' introduction to our product is seamless, by configuring client accounts and training users on all of our product’s functionality. This individual’s ability to critically assess and translate client use cases into implementation plans and training programs allows him/her to drive clients' sense of value from our products and instill trust. Personable and analytical, this individual can aptly leverage both policy and technical skills in setting up and implementing customized software projects for clients both small and large.

You Will
- Work closely with Client Success Managers (CSMs) to understand client goals and business processes
- Interpret and structure complex client policy challenges to define requirements
- Recommend and implement actionable setup and configuration solutions to clients
- Communicate all facets of the workflow to clients of varying levels of technical expertise
- Understand and manage the implementation of new configuration and the overhaul of existing configuration
- Think strategically about the longterm impact of solutions on the client's workflow, resources, and ability to be successful
- Lead regular status communication and meetings with project team, clients, sponsors, and stakeholders
- Monitor and manage project scope and schedule using metrics to ensure that projects stay on track
- Identify and drive best practices to improve the FiscalNote client onboarding process
- Keep pace with innovation in the FiscalNote product suite, new use cases, and features as they become available
- Train new users on how to best use FiscalNote to achieve outcomes
- Produce design documents and supporting materials to understand configuration
- Act as liaison between product/engineering and new clients, conveying user feedback and product improvements
- Adapt to different styles across client organizations while embodying FiscalNote’s values

About You
A team player, willing and enthusiastic to pitch in wherever necessary, you constantly look to leverage any and all outside resources to elevate project results. Both a poised speaker and skilled listener, you can confidently present proposed solutions to critical client pain points. You are comfortable navigating both the worlds of technology and policy, and you thrive in independent work environments requiring high levels of attention to detail.

You Have
- Relevant professional experience in managing projects (2+ years)
- Ability to prioritize, track, and manage multiple projects in parallel
- Incredibly high-level of attention to detail, particularly with written communication
- Strong verbal and interpersonal relationship management skills
- Strong analytical and organizational skills
- A bachelor’s degree
- Experience with a diverse set of policy issues (preferred)
- Experience with Boolean search logic (preferred)

About Implementation at FiscalNote
Committed to highlighting our products’ advanced uses and powerful features, the Implementation Team dedicates itself to encouraging successful adoption of our platform and its various features. Understanding that every client has different needs and processes, the team works to develop a tailored project plan that quickly turns users into experts within the FiscalNote platform.

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